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 Ecommerce Templates  [Demo] Cost: $159 USDVersion 6.1
Ecommerce Templates was set up with the aim of providing a powerful low cost ecommerce shopping cart software solution integrating into the main HTML editors; Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Expression Web and CSS layouts. ASP Version also available. Code: PHP 5.0

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Great value, great cart    
Written by Anonymous User (#1859-371) from London, UK   (Friday, December 21, 2012)
Strengths:   Flexible with design, good support, coding looks good.  
Weaknesses:   Needs label printing, more css options required.  
Details:   I've just set up an Ecommerce Templates store for a client and it's proved a very rewarding experience. The customer is thrilled with the results and I didn't lose too much hair or sleep in the process. Putting it together was quite straightforward, I designed the site myself and plugged in the cart afterwards. Once that was sorted I handed it over to the client so they could add their own products etc. Seems they were quite comfortable with that and their feedback has been positive. I did have to add a couple of plug-ins as the customer wanted automated label printing - would be nice to see that in the core code really. Overall I'd highly recommend Ecommerce Templates and will consider using it in the future.
Review Based On:   3 Month(s) of usage  

There is no same answer    
Written by Anonymous User (#1641-291) from carmel, ny   (Wednesday, March 07, 2012)
Strengths:   None  
Weaknesses:   Many  
Details:   Terrible lack of support! Impossible to obtain anyone to assist, and if you do get someone it's a smart-ass remark and incorrect. Go to the forum...but you can't log in. And you can't get help with that either. buyer beware - you are SOL once you purchase it. I would not use this service again.
Review Based On:   5 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   We're sorry to hear you weren't satisfied with the support, we don't hide the support section from the public so I think it's only fair that people check out the support forum you refer to here ecommercetemplates[dot]com/support/ There's a register link at the top of the page and a login field just below that - we're more than happy to help out with anybody having trouble using either of those. If there are any "smart-ass remarks" we would very much like to see them. We strive to provide top class support with little waiting time - as the forum is open to the public - you can make your own judgement on that. Support comes directly from the developers of the software so it would be unusual to receive incorrect replies unless there was some kind of misunderstanding of the original support request - we apologize if that was ever the case.

Excellent value    
Written by Anonymous User (#1573-181) from Los Angeles. CA, USA   (Friday, February 10, 2012)
Strengths:   Great support and regular new features  
Weaknesses:   Would like toi see more designs  
Details:   Our company tried at least a half dozen carts - including test implementations of many of the best-known competitors - before choosing Ecommerce Templates. The product has been in production on our fast-growing ecommerce site for well over a year now, and it's been rock-solid despite very rapid transaction growth. Technical support has been excellent - detailed and responsive, and we've been able to create a professional, compelling cart that customers say they love using standard product options. My only complaint: it took us too long to find Ecommerce Templates because they don't advertise as heavily as the others you'll see reviewed on this site. We use a PHP version that's designed for our Dreamweaver environment, but you can also choose pre-built templates if you don't want to create a "look and feel" with your own designers. Do yourself a favor - try this product before you spend big dollars for a subscription-based service.
Review Based On:   18 Month(s) of usage  




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