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 eSyndiCat  [Demo] Cost: $49/$89/$149 USDVersion 2.0
eSyndiCat is a PHP developed link indexing web application. Its features include: free lifetime upgrades, multi-language support, link fields editor, customizable templates and a lot more. Code: PHP 4.0

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Written by Mitch Page from Australia   (Thursday, October 20, 2011)
Strengths:   pretenders, cheap hackers and worst, crooks and criminals  
Weaknesses:   they know nothing but pretending and cheating, lucky they are hiding the mountains of Kazakhstan  
Details:   Advertising as a US company Limited (Intelliants LLC) and to get away with it is only possible on the internet and because you are hiding in the mountains of Kazakhstan. We purchased the directory and spent "a lot" of money having these amateurs code hackers but professional crooks working on it to change it to our requirements. It took them one and a half years to produce a malfunctioning, not even close to ready "piece of rubbish".If they were an American company, we'd take them into bits and pieces and make sure their illegal operation gets dissolved. Hiding in Kazakhstan, however, these crooks get easy away with everything... well, at least as long as they stay in their mountains.So - yes, VASILY, don't dare to show your face in civilized areas! Your intention under a "Fake US Company" had clearly surfaced now!
Review Based On:   using demo only  




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