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Please Note: The following is a list of reviews that were posted anonymously from similar IP locations on the internet.   Many users typically share the same IP address through their local internet service provider, therefore these reviews may have been posted from various users.

looks impressive, but not free    
Written by Anonymous User (#1696-190) from MN, USA   (Thursday, June 05, 2003)
Listing Reviewed:   Jive Forums
Strengths:   feature-laden  
Weaknesses:   not free  
Details:   I read the specs on their current web page. Let's face it, for high-quality software, there's nothing wrong with paying. I think the "Lite" version is $450 for an unlimited site license, which is not a lot. However, I'm just looking for a simple, decent app that can support a low-bandwidth research project, but doesn't look dumb.
Review Based On:   using demo only  

Not obviously prime-time    
Written by Anonymous User (#1696-190) from MN, USA   (Thursday, June 05, 2003)
Listing Reviewed:   MessageBoard servlet
Strengths:   small: one jar, one config file, easy to understand  
Weaknesses:   not obvious how to integrate with an existing web site-- i already have users i want to log in.  
Details:   I tried the demo version. To "reply" I had to re-type my name and email. Is this always true? The free version only shows the most recent replies to a thread.
Review Based On:   using demo only  



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