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Written by Anonymous User (#1641-234)  (Thursday, December 21, 2006)
Writer is with:
Listing Reviewed:   4Java
Strengths:   Cheap, Talk is Cheap  
Weaknesses:   Do you have time.... Poor or lack of customer support summarizes it all  
Details:   What can I say... I really have no words to describe my pain having hosted with these guys. Being the optimist I am, I would always say it could be worst... Well I was right, it did get worst, to the point were my DB was just blown away because under the "we didn't know you were using it" excuse (come on give me a break!!!) and 5 days later after having sent email after email during the week, having chatted online (presales told me to "open a ticket", I said another one?, what a joke) nothing.... Never in my live have I encountered a service provider of such low caliber that just ignores emails from customers and the problems that their pure neglicence and lack of attention to detail cause them. After being offline for close to a week we have lost 10 paying customers so far because they said "you should have better hosting" and have had to offer the rest free memberships. It is just ridiculuous and the anger inside of me is just way too much to express in words. Honestly, don't know how these people go to bed at night knowing how screwed up a trail they are leaving behind. I'm starting to think that hosting from my own house is more reliable that these guys have always been, heck my house server has never gone down... Finally 24/7 means that the email system works 24/7 and you can get an answer within 24 days or 7 weeks whichever is sooner, if not later (sarcasm!!). I'm curious what timezone these guys are in since most of the time when you sleep they might up, otherwise always off!! Rant OFF
Review Based On:   24 Month(s) of usage  



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