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 Exadel Studio Pro  [Demo] Cost: Free Trial/$199 USDVersion 4.0.4
Exadel's enterprise suite of development tools enables developers to extend the Eclipse platform further by fully leveraging leading open source technologies including JSF, Struts, JSP, Facelets, Hibernate and Spring. Code: JSP 1.2

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Makes Struts much easier    
Written by David Castro from Santa Rosa, CA   (Tuesday, July 08, 2003)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Graphical display of elements in struts-config.xml, wizards for adding elements  
Weaknesses:   Would like integration with Ant, Eclipse  
Details:   This program rocks! First of all, it's free. They're keeping the current version free, and are branching off to create a commercial version. The commercial version has some really cool-sounding features that I plan to try out. If you are new to Struts (or even if you aren't!) this program can really make life easier. It gives you a graphical representation of your forwards/actions/pages so that you can see how your program flows. You can drag icons onto each other to automatically generate connections. While it's cool and all, most of your time probably won't be spent in that part of the tool. The program provides a Java editor that has really good syntax highlighting, and has a feature like Borland's Code Complete, where it will prompt you with the signatures of available methods/constants/variables in an object when you type the period between an object name and its method/constant/variable. It has a toolbar with all of the Struts taglib elements on it, as well as one with Tiles elements and some with standard HTML elements. The tool encapsulates your file in a hash table grid, so you can add all of your elements there (to centralize labels and error messages and such, either for ease of updating or for localization). The commercial version has a graphical tool for creating validations and tiles definitions, and also offers additional third-party JSP tag library toolbar functionality. They provide quick and decent free support on their forums, or you can purchase support with their product (they offer 30 days of free email support with purchase; an additional 11 months costs $99).
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