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 Akmin's Online Site Creator  [Demo] Cost: Free Trial/$12/$25/$80 USDVersion 16.0
Online template based website building software that can be customized & hosted by ISPs, ASPs, hosting companies, etc to offer online web page creation & update service to their clients. Delivered with JSP Source Code & Doc. Also available in ASP & CF Code: JSP 1.2

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Great Features. Very Flexible. Excellent Support.    
Written by Anonymous User (#2006-292) from Ventura, CA   (Saturday, October 13, 2001)
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Details:   We were looking for a new sitebuilder tool and stumbled quite by accident on Akmin Technologies. After doing a thorough study of many comparable products in the market, we decided to buy the OnlineSiteCreator (OSC). It offered all the features we had not found in other solutions. The OSC is without a doubt the most complete and flexible tool around. And for the price, it's an absolute steal. We looked at the Akmin developers to provide us with a great deal of customization. They have delivered on every front. The fact that Akmin is located in India and we are in California never caused any problems. Emails and other communications are always promptly answered and their customer service is absolutely without equal. If they had been located in the office next door, it would not have made a difference. We at have come to consider the Akmin people as friends, and are absolutely thrilled with their products and support. Contact us through our website if you want more information.




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