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 Advanced Graph & Chart Collection  [Demo] Cost: Free Trial/$195/$295 USDVersion 4.6
Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications. With the advanced graphing package you will be quickly adding impressive dynamic charting capabilities bringing your data alive ! Code: JSP 1.1


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A truly Excellent set of Graphing Tools !    
Written by Anonymous User (#1555-154) from Leicester, UK   (Thursday, December 09, 2004)
Strengths:   Very easy to use and configure. Provides enormous flexibility and is very  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   I have been using these graphing components for some time within my own applications. I find these components very easy to incorporate into JSP and are an ideal way to graph data from databases. The range of features and the flexibility of the product means that I have been able to provide my users with a very wide range of graphical functionality with very little development time. My users love the results and simply cannot get enough. Support from Jpowered has been outstanding, they have always come up with solutions to meet my needs very quickly, which quite frankly makes a refreshing change for a software company. I would thoroughly recommend this package to anyone looking to build applications which incorporate graphing functionality.
Review Based On:   4 Month(s) of usage  




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