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What are Favor-Its?
Favor-Its are Codango’s way of letting you track the resources which matter most to you. More importantly, with Favor-Its you can give other users a heads up about which resources you think are the best out there.

How Do I Use Them?
Marking a Favor-It is quick and easy, requiring just a few simple clicks to get you on your way. While browsing through our resource guide, you’ll notice the “Favor-It” text accompanied by a “[+]” symbol within categories and individual resources. Clicking the symbol will mark the associated resource as one you favor and place it in your My Favor-Its.

  Marking a Category as One You Favor:
To mark a category as one you favor, simply click the “[+]” icon found next to the category title. The Favor-It status of resources inside a category you favor will not be affected. You will just be sharing which categories of resources interest you most.
  Marking a Resource as One You Favor:
To mark a resource as one you favor, simply click the “[+]” icon next to the Favor-It tally of an individual resource. This item can be found next to the resource description and below the review and rating information. Favoring resources is a great way to tell others which resources you like best while also giving a special little thanks to the resource creators.


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