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 Aurigma File Downloader  [Demo] Cost: Free Trial/$499/$1299 USD Version 2.1.6
ActiveX control for mass file and folder download directly from the browser. It allows your site visitors to download multiple files from your site with a single click. Features: easy GUI, progress bar, possibility to preserve folder structure, etc. Code: JSP 2.0

 UploadBean  [Demo] Cost: Free Version 1.9
UploadBean is 100% JAVA component (JavaBean) that allows to upload files. This bean could be integrated in any JSP/Servlets application. You can store uploaded files in a Folder, a ZIP archive, a Database or in Memory. Code: JSP 1.1

 S3Upload Add-On  [Demo] Cost: $29/$299 USD Version 2.8
S3Upload Add-On allows you to upload files and folders to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket. It works on the top of jClientUpload applet and supports features such as MD5 digest, large file support, ACL Paramters for uploads, and more. Code: JSP 2.0

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