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Codango PHP, ASP .NET, JSP Scripts, Resources, Reviews
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If you have a resource listing on our website, you can dynamically display Codango’s user rating on your website by displaying your listing’s rating box. This is a great way to boost your visitor’s confidence in your resource. Visitors will be more willing to use your resource when they see unbiased ratings and reviews coming from a trusted third-party source like Codango.
Steps to Obtain Code for Rating Box:

1)  Find your resource listing on our website and click the star rating or "read reviews" link.
2)  On that page, find the small Rating Box labeled “Overall Rating” at the top of the list on the right-hand side. Click on
the small text link under this box labeled “Add this to your site.”
3)  Grab the code provided on that page and drop it into your website. It will dynamically display the star rating for your listing.
Codango PHP, ASP .NET, JSP Scripts, Resources, Reviews
Click to Read Reviews
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Codango - The Industry Review and Resource Guide to the PHP, JSP, ASP/.NET web development communities. Find in-depth reviews, web applications, scripts, components, tutorials, hosting, industry buzz and more.




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