Who The Heck Is Codango? Good Question!

Our "dress shirt and tie" answer is that we are an Industry Review and Resource Guide to the web development community. If you catch us in our favorite jeans and sandals though, we’d just tell you that we love getting the inside scoop on all the latest and greatest web development resources and sharing them with you all.

What Does Codango Do?

Simply put, we provide a trusted place where web developers from around the world come to learn and share opinions about web development products, services, and resources they’ve used. We then organize all these resources and opinions into an easy-to-use resource guide that allows developers to find and choose the best resources for their needs.

What Do You Hope to Accomplish?

We not only want to make it easier for web developers to find and evaluate resources, we want to make web development exciting! Web development is not just a job or hobby for most people; it’s a creative outlet. There is nothing we love to do more than feed that passion. We hope to inspire web developers every day with new resources, reviews and buzz that gets their wheels turning and excited about all the possibilities.

The History Behind Codango

Codango was launched into Public Beta on June 11th 2007, but the story started almost 8 years earlier with the launch of, and Codango evolved out of the success of these previous sites and our desire to expand on our passions and take the idea of web development resources to a whole new level.

The idea for our first web development resource site was conceived in January 1999 on the Penn State University campus. A group of close friends got together around the idea of creating a network of websites dedicated to helping developers find web development resources. After a lot of hard work, they launched a set of websites named, and

In mid 2005, they decided they could do better... much better! With this in mind, they set out to recreate the concept of a web development resource site. The initial brainstorming sessions produced hundreds of ideas. Some of them were killer and some of them were... well... let’s just say they didn't make the cut. Anyone who’s ever brainstormed before knows this type of thing comes with the territory. After narrowing down the hundreds of ideas to the top 10 most powerful, we were off into the wonderful world of project requirements, Gantt charts and web development.

Finally, after almost two years in the works, we were proud to launch Codango into its first Public Beta on June 11th, 2007. Only the future can tell what it holds for Codango, but we are excited about the possibilities and look forward to the community’s support.




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