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Solid ecom platform out of the box    
Written by B W from Florida   (Wednesday, December 02, 2009)
Writer is with:
Listing Reviewed:   AspDotNetStorefront
Strengths:   Ease of set up and use, ease of skinning, active support and forum, Web Services platform  
Weaknesses:   Multi-vendor/multi-drop shipper needs customization done, handling of inventory by size/color  
Details:   Out of the box, the setup and administration of ASPDNSF is generally very easy. They've provided scripts that do most of the heavy lifting. And once you understand the Excel importing of products, it's a breeze to import your inventory into the site and then manage pricing. The one negative is the import and management of items with size and color, like shirts, that could be improved. Alot of the bells and whistles are built right in and accessible from the admin. I had a non-technical product manager go in and without much direction, he set up coupons, customers, products, images, descriptions, shipping options and our gateway, etc. And he was doing practice orders all in less than a couple of days. And for less than $500 I got a local person to custom skin the site. Like any robust software, there are things you just can't figure out. And when stuck, a post or search on their forum is generally all it takes to find out what to do. Their devs are on the forum a lot and their tickets are answered quickly. Most of the time, they've already built in what you need and it's just a matter of someone pointing out where to find it in the admin. For instance, almost every piece of text in the site can be changed but sometimes it's a configuration or string named something you wouldn't think of. The forum is a good place to figure that out at and has saved me endless hours. I've had to do a fair amount of customization to our carts and have found the Web Services extremely useful for those who need such things. The documentation on them, however, isn't as good as it should be for such a powerful option. Last the reporting is very good out of the box. You can get all kinds of affiliate reports and sales reports by sku and what not. Also Google Analytics is built right in which gives great detail in terms of traffic analysis. All in all, you'd be hard pressed to find a custom shopping cart for less than $2000 that has as much as ASPDNSF has to offer.
Review Based On:   24 Month(s) of usage  



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