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Unbelievable disaster    
Written by Anonymous User (#1385-120)  (Thursday, October 13, 2005)
Writer is with:
Listing Reviewed:   SeekdotNET
Strengths:   None  
Weaknesses:   Incompetent  
Details:   "Unbelievable Disaster" is how SeekDotNet staff described their ultimate blunder that sent me running to another provider. During my 2 months with them, I encountered several annoying problems (control panel refused to install FP extensions, components were not configured correctly, subdomains were not implemented properly, removing a subdomain deleted the entire domain web, and several others). But the unbelievable disaster was when they unilaterally decided to move all of my domains to another server, without any understanding of what that entailed, and without my knowledge. They failed to configure my virtual servers, virtual directories, subdomains, and file permissions properly. Basically, they broke everything, and I spent the next week working with them trying to fix it, without success. Although they attempted to restore the original environment, it was never the same. My advice: steer clear of SeekDotNet.
Review Based On:   2 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   This customer is one of the unbelievable customers that we had, and the problem is on his end but he keeps blaming us for the problem that he create himself. In our control panel, we had all the instructions and warning for every specific task that you do for your website. For e.g DNS manager,DomainPointer or Front page extension can cause your whole site down if you didn't know or understand what you are doing. This customer actually didn't have any hosting knowledge at all , and he keeps playing around in control panel and messed up his own websites without ever asking our tech support before. If he did, our tech support will be very happy to help and explain to him and this disaster can be avoidable. And at the end, he is panic and blamed everything on us when his site is down. While our tech support has try their best to help him restore his site as fast as possible to the original state,he still feels unhappy and write all this comments.



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