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List of All Reviews Written By blaine parker from Detroit:

info slow and low    
Written by Anonymous User (#1675-237) from Detroit   (Saturday, June 23, 2007)
Listing Reviewed:
Strengths:   easy to use  
Weaknesses:   help difficult to get  
Details:   I use and have been negatively impacted by this recent attack, but I have only recieved 1 email from them and it was almost 2 days ago. Why can't they use a totally seperate service to email info? And the latest update on their emergency page is 7 hours old! I'd love to know how mnay people rreally work at this company. My guess is 4 or 5, tops.
Review Based On:   24 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   DiscountASP.NET was under a massive ddos attack for the past 2 days which negatively impacted us as well as all of our customers. We sent out a mass email to our customers about what was going on and we posted updates on an offsite web page. We update the status page when there is new information. Contrary to the posters guess, we have over 20 staff and we worked round the clock for the past 2 days with our upstream provider's security team. This was a malicious, deliberate ddos attack that was huge in scale. Despite all the recently posted rants here, we are also receiving positive feedback from our customers who understand what was going on. For example, "Just a word of thanks and encouragement to all people at DiscountASP.NET on how you handled this mean-spirited attack on your business and clients. These are attacks to terrorize honest businesses and I hope the culprits can be found and brought to justice. This will certainly not affect my loyalty to your excellent company."



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