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List of All Reviews Written By Austin W from Austin, TX:

Great Hosting, terrible service    
Written by Austin W from Austin, TX   (Tuesday, February 13, 2007)
Writer is with:
Listing Reviewed:
Strengths:   Everything hosting  
Weaknesses:   Everything service  
Details:   The last review was correct. Whoever is posting the rebuttals to these reviews is being defensive and basically blowing off the criticism's of the reviewers. Instead of being defensive, just realize what the common thread between most of these reviews is. Almost everybody seems to like the hosting, and almost everybody seems to hate the service. There isn't more to it than that. I have been using DiscountAsp.Net for 3 years and multiple web sites and I love it. I switched to them after using multiple other terrible hosts. The control and the options are great. But, as with the others, I hate the customer service. The fact that you have to send a support ticket in and just sit there in wait for sometimes hours(in the middle of the day) is just ridiculous. They need telephone support. You've made enough money from me alone to justify it. Case in point, my site went down today and in the last hour I have been desperate to try to find out what the cause is. I have sent 4 emails, tried every control in the control panel, and wasted an hour of my day, with no response whatsoever from to even acnowledge that they got the support ticket. This is frustrating and a waste of my time. Whoever does the rebuttals, don't get defensive and fight your customers on this, just get better support. PS: After my fourth email and over an hour of waiting, I just got an email with this exactly: <discount email> Dear Customer, Your ticket has been escalated to our system administrator, they will get back to you later today. DiscountASP.NET The power of ASP.NET for less </discount email> I can't wait until later today! This is the kind of service we are talking about. Don't rebutt, Just fix it! Please! But other than that, excellent hosting. :)
Review Based On:   36 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   If we had bad support then we wouldn't have been in the top 10 best customer support ranking in Hostest's recent report, we wouldn't have won awards from leading tech publications, we wouldn't be hosting popular resources like, we wouldn't be getting the stream of testimonials month after month, year after year, and we wouldn't rank so high in this review site. The customer has been with us for 3 years so they should know that we do not offer phone support. I looked up what happened to this account. 1st, the customer kept responding to their open ticket, pushing back their ticket to the end of the queue. 2nd, the server was restarted because IIS hung - rare but it can happen. 3rd, the customer's web app was recycling due to excessive resource usage and our support provided the event log on the cause. After escalation, the ticket was answered in 17 min. After the recycling incident was reported, we provided the event log in 18 min. I wouldn’t call that bad support.



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