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List of All Reviews Written By Kamau Malone from East Coast, USA:

Incompetent Support Staff    
Written by Anonymous User (#1481-242) from East Coast, USA   (Sunday, January 28, 2007)
Listing Reviewed:
Strengths:   Too early to tell  
Weaknesses:   Support staff is totally imcompetent  
Details:   I have had the service for about 2 weeks now, and I am unable to publish to my web site. I have asked DASP.NET to fix this problem, and they are unable to do so. The support staff seems more willing to just refer you to a knowledge base article then to actually look into the cause of the problem on case by case basis, and seem unable to understand the nuance of a given problem. Case in point : I told them that Front Page extensions were not working, and I was told to just use FTP, even thought they offer Front Page Publishing. When I told them that the permissions were not in place to do FTP publishing (unable to create 'bin', 'css' or any other subdirectory), I was told that Remote debugging was not allowed. This is especially bewildering, since Remote Debugging and publishing have nothing to do with one another. Maybe DASP will be embarrassed enough to actually improve their support after reading this.
Review Based On:   12 Day(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   We understand that website publishing can be frustrating, especially using FrontPage extensions, which is known for permission issues. The customer was using Visual Studio which supports FTP. Our staff always recommends using FTP to avoid permission issues. The customer opened up many tickets on the same issue, and those tickets not having a response history, confused our multiple support staff - so the customer got the initial troubleshooting responses mulitple times - like links to the KB. Having multiple tickets open at various stages of troubleshooting confused our staff which led to a mention of Remote debugging. We are not embarrassed, we strive to improve our support continuously, and we still believe that we offer the best support for ASP.NET Hosting, as demonstrated by all the hosting awards that we won and the testimonials that keep pouring in.



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