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Wasted 2 years of my life    
Written by Anonymous User (#1803-319) from Multiverse, Bro   (Thursday, April 07, 2011)
Listing Reviewed:   obout Grid
Strengths:   better than plain vanilla controls fer sho!  
Weaknesses:   no support. they leave ya hanging. definitely browser differences that drove me bu-zoikski!  
Details:   I am in the process of creating a start up I have been actively coding since the sun was setting on .net 1.1. Long story short I went with obout, even bought their source code, but when IE 7 came out with the dreaded quirks mode or whatever that crap was all about it broke my entire site. I used all their controls, busted ass, was disappointed time and time again by support. Once they told me to perform a work around and when it broke other stuff they wanted to charge me to fix it. I busted out the email showing them it was their workaround that caused the issue and they backed off but man... I have done customer support for decades and that is just ... Now I can rag (my partner & I still compare everything bad to obout, and even use it as a verb, noun, sorta like the left after e word.. ;) Now let me tell you what changed my freaking life. TELERIK. 'NUFF SAID. Now I always expect to bust ass integrating, massaging, etc. to make a control do what I want. Let's face it; the web lick b*lls for development in & of itself but the RADAJAX control are just that RAD. And Telerik really cares. I have seen people bust their chops hard, sometimes rightly so, but they are always focused on the positive. So if you don't mind staying up all night, and living the 21st century dream, you can achieve it all with telerik. My startup will go live at the end of the year and it would not have been possible without the telerik controls, a few other 3rd party tools, a 6G Dell server, T-Line and 2 years of not leaving my apartment. Oh yes, & freaking Amazon AWS especially S3 and SimpleDB. I had written more & it may have been of interest to some other code warriors but character count does not necessarily equate with character and since I am definitely one I shall leave you with one word TELERIKBOOOOYAAAAAA!
Review Based On:   24 Month(s) of usage  



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