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still requires lots of hand written code    
Written by Anonymous User (#1570-238) from Lousiville, KY   (Monday, July 27, 2009)
Listing Reviewed:   obout Grid
Strengths:   looks great, relatively cheap  
Weaknesses:   requires too much extra coding and javascript tweaking  
Details:   Pretty, but Insert, Update, & Delete require hand coding the functions. Only Select is used from the datasource. Other features are grossly exaggerated and not actually part of the Grid (like the "millions of records" claim). I was looking for something that reduced code. Support is slow if they respond at all (out of 10 requests, only 3 were responded to with the generic "look at the examples" response). There are no code-behind samples anywhere. Most of the samples require extensive Javascript tweaking, so many feature claims are merely work-arounds. In most cases, you have to build the Grid in code as the templates simply will not work for real world situations. If you want eye candy, this is the control for you as the presentation aspects are truly wonderful. If you need to do a lot of editing, you may want to use a product with true 2-way DataSource integration (not that you can't do this, but it requires a lot more source code, a lot of JavaScript - definitely not a R.A.D. tool)
Review Based On:   9 Month(s) of usage  



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