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Please Note: The following is a list of reviews that were posted anonymously from similar IP locations on the internet.   Many users typically share the same IP address through their local internet service provider, therefore these reviews may have been posted from various users.

Avoid at all costs    
Written by Anonymous User (#1629-221) from SanFran, CA   (Thursday, July 08, 2010)
Listing Reviewed:   AspDotNetStorefront
Strengths:   many built in features  
Weaknesses:   poor code, poor architecture, very unethical practices, the worst customer service ever  
Details:   The products this company produces are riddled with poor quality. Go search on to see what credible developers think about the product. When we say 'buggy' we mean critical features just. don't. work. Ask them about it and you'll be ignored. Ask on their forum and it will be ignored. Or deleted. Repeat: More often than not you will be completely ignored by their support staff. The code is a ghastly, muddled affair with no convention or standard in mind. These people are still living in the mid-to-late 90s when IT was full of unscrupulous chiselers. And, apparently, when people buried UI code deep in business logic classes (who does this??). They utilize some of the more advanced features of ASP.NET, but completely forget about the fundamentals of good coding. Their code doesn't work, they don't test, the architecture is a nightmare of incompetence. Making simple modifications becomes a chore (I've made many). It's basically a developer nightmare. Finally, their management is governed by childish tactics, including the famous ignoring sprinkled with outright fabrications (note: if you aren't actually DONE with code you're working on, don't sell it to consumers. Geez.). Version 9 is a pile of slow junk with many bugs. The MultiStore application they advertise on their front page? It doesn't work! For anyone. They are selling software that doesn't operate at the most basic level! Honestly, I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't experienced it myself. You've been warned. Their days are numbered. There are too many people who take the craft seriously. Like so many others, I wish I could go back in time. I would've made a U-turn. Note: Given the ethical track record of this place, I have no idea what they are capable of. That's why so many of us do anon reviews. If I weren't still using their software, I wouldn't care. But we are and I can't risk retribution.
Review Based On:   15 Month(s) of usage  



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