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Time changes everything...    
Written by Anonymous User (#1699-301) from Chicago, IL   (Wednesday, March 14, 2012)
Listing Reviewed:   Aivea eShip Web Service
Strengths:   When it works, it's fast and accurate.  
Weaknesses:   Too unreliable, and horrible customer service.  
Details:   We've had Aivea's eShip product integrated with our CRM system and our e-commerce site. For the first 4.5 years of using this, we've experienced numerous outages. When their service goes down, our entire website has to be brought down. We have customers that are upset that they need something right away, and then ask us to pay the difference for expedited shipping costs. Having to place messages on our website, stating that our website is down, is not good for business. Multiple outages in 2011, and now twice in 2012. There is no customer service, horrible response time, and when you do get a response the explanation is server related issues. This was a great product when it worked (would have been a 5 star rating), but with our recent experiences with outages and a lack of response, really dropped this rating. We are exploring other options, suggesting other options for other organizations, and suggest you keep looking as well.
Review Based On:   70 Month(s) of usage  



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