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List of All Reviews Written By Keith Rowe from North Florida:

Can I get these guys to return my email?    
Written by Keith Rowe from North Florida   (Tuesday, May 27, 2008)
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Listing Reviewed:
Strengths:   Great when up,  
Weaknesses:   Reboots without notifications. Total silence on Help Tickets.  
Details:   We have been down for 7 hours now. Our developer broke something in our web so we asked for a simple restore from the latest backup. Got a quick response, but no zip file as promised. Wrote back at least four times, no response. Wrote every dagum email address including Sales, Feedback, etc., no response. Even did a WhoIs to get their fax response. Still waiting. Our lifeblood application is down due to our own error but we cannot get DASP to drop a ZIP file in our root directory or even talk to us about it. Miserable support. Absolutely miserable. We are changing vendors as soon as we can and no longer recommending them unless there has been a major earthquake in California.
Review Based On:   36 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   No earthquake in CA. 1. The customer was adversarial from the start, did not answer questions to expedite resolution and chose to repeatedly spam us instead. 2. Everytime the customer replied to their open ticket and spam us, they pushed their ticket to the end of the support queue, delaying their response time further. 2. We perform backups for disaster recovery purposes. Our hosting services doesn't include customer site backup management. The customer is responsible for backing up their own site. 3. If available, we can recover site files from our backups for a service fee. 4. Before proceeding, we need customer approval for the service charge and need the backup date they want (we have several days worth). 5. The customer did not provide info until serveral hours later. But the customer did spam us repeatedly in between and after providing info. 6. The customer also needed input from their developer which is out of our control and delayed resolution.



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