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List of All Reviews Written By Bob O from Wake Forest, NC:

Overcoming a DDoS Attack    
Written by Bob O from Wake Forest, NC   (Sunday, June 24, 2007)
Listing Reviewed:
Strengths:   Customer Service  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   I want to send out a word of appreciation to the team at DiscountASP.NET. A couple of days ago they were hit with a mammoth DDoS attack which basically shut them down, and consequently my company, for a couple of days. Apparently, it was a worse case scenario. I run my livelihood through my web service and if we’re not up, my employees are sitting around and my customers who use my services are calling me. This type of thing is not a good situation for anyone. DiscountASP.NET was able to come up with an emergency page where they posted information on the attack. This was very important to me as I needed to inform my customers about what was happening. On day 2 of the attack I started to consider my options of switching and started looking around. Some competitors had a list of questions which they advised I ask my provider, so I did. What I did get in response from DiscountASP.NET was a well thought out personal letter addressing all my concerns and answers to all my questions in the detail I needed to make an informed decision. That really impressed me. I’ve submitted tickets and they have always made me feel like and individual and a valued customer. No provider is perfect. All systems will fail at one point or another. The attack exposed some areas of weakness; but DiscountASP.NET rose to the occasion, worked around the clock, got us up and running again, and personally assured me that they are taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again, and told me how. What more could I ask for? After shopping around, and asking a lot of questions, I’ve chosen to stay with DiscountASP.NET and am recommending them to others. The hosting is great, the pricing you can’t beat, but most important to me, they offer great customer service. Let he who has ears let them hear: “Exceptional customer service is what keeps customers coming back and spreading the word!”
Review Based On:   12 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   We completely understand if customers investigate hosting alternatives. The DDoS attack caused extended downtime. It is natural to seek alternatives when confidence in a host is shaken. We have implemented a system that can protect us against similar attacks of this magnitude. It is the same system that protects many major news sites and very large ISPs. When the system was implemented, the effects of the attack were negated, so we believe this will be a very effective addition to the group of tools that we employ to counteract the malicious activities that commonly affect large networks. At this point all we can ask is that customers give us the opportunity to regain their confidence in our service. We believe we have always offered superior service, and the difficulties that were raised by this recent attack - and the measures that we took to overcome them - have served to strengthen our network overall, and have actually increased the level of service that we are able to provide.



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