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List of All Reviews Written By sean moore from New Jersey:

What a joke of a hosting company!    
Written by sean moore from New Jersey   (Wednesday, January 04, 2006)
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Listing Reviewed:
Strengths:   None  
Weaknesses:   No customer service, extreme poor response, server errors they can not fix  
Details:   I have 7 sites hosted with The server gave an application error when we did builds. We they never fixed the server app error and took then 5 hours to fix the problem. FIVE HOURS! We run a heavily trafficed e-commerce site that was down for 5+ hours. Do you think we got a phone call or email in those five hours...NO! We sent 6 emails and 2 phone calls and 1 fax. They never responded. We lost hundreds of dollars. Now... we have an SSL problem because they are moving our site off the troubled server... I've again sent 3 emails... 1 phone call and another fax... and still losing money. got too big to their own good! Bail if you get the chance... dont have anything go wrong with the server because you will pay a huge price! BTW: this is the 4th time this has happened to our site in the past year. They never fixed the bug on the server.
Review Based On:   24 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   1. The bug that is affecting this site is an ASP.NET bug with no known solution. 2. This incident happened during the holidays and during a time when we experienced some internal system hardware failure (rare but it can happen). Admittedly there were some delays in response compared to other times. We have already conducted post-mortem analysis to improve our response times in this situation. 3. We do not call customers who curse and spam support. 4. After two years of hosting and seven websites with us, this customer concludes that DiscountASP.NET has no strengths and poor customer support. The customer has posted these comments and yet still uses us for hosting. The reader can make up their own decision as to the helpfulness of this review.



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