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List of All Reviews Written By Steve Blosser from Salina, KS:

I haven't found any better...    
Written by Steve Blosser from Salina, KS   (Thursday, June 02, 2005)
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Strengths:   Pretty much all of it.  
Weaknesses:   No Online Site/File Manager  
Details:   It scares me a little because, I haven't found anything wrong with these guys. If you find a less expensive service (this one is cheap), faster servers with the most current software updates and more free to use controls, let me know. I seriously doubt you will find anyone that compares. You can't please everyone and you should "discount" any negative reviews, because if you want true Windows hosting with the latest technology, fast and and sold servers discountASP is worth a really hard look. Their name should be QUALITYASP.
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  



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