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List of All Reviews Written By Brian Cheng from Peabody, MA:

Written by Anonymous User (#1735-317) from Peabody, MA   (Sunday, June 27, 2004)
Listing Reviewed:   Brinkster Free Hosting
Strengths:   UH... BEING THE WORST EVER!  
Weaknesses:   No email, BANNER ADS!, little bandwidth, strict TOS, and the list continues...  
Details:   This is probably one of the worst hosts I have ever been with (well towards the end at least). Well maybe they used to be good but soon they get greed and their hosting reflected on it. Well my personal oddesey started when I needed an actual host for my web pages... so after searching for hours I finally found Brinkster. When I started off it wasn't bad: Free Hosting, ASP, ASP.NET... Aside from lack of FTP, Bandwidth, Global objects, and Mail Services... So I wrote my developement stuff and was able to show off to my friends... Ond day, one of my friends, posted stuff about hacking computers in my open chat... within a few days my site was shut down... So I complained all I got was a nice "You violated the TOS." reply. So I set up another account... worked fine for a couple more months... then they made the stupid "all free services have banner ads" policy... First they added the Google Ad side bar, which was a disaster in framed pages. Next they used the banner ads, which is inserted not at the top nor the bottom, but IN THE MIDDLE where the head meets the body. What a stupid idea! This created huge issues with my existing code since I put my scripts there. This lead to huge complicated errors in my page. At this point I was fed up with that bull and I moved to another hosting, and have been with them ever since. To borrow their motto: "They are the leet!" ASP, .NET, PHP, CGI, Shockwave, Script based emailing, own POP3 account, 100 times more space and bandwidth, SQL and mySQL ALL FOR FREE! I have been with them ever since. As for my brinkster site, it's still probably being raped by brinkster's stupid ads.
Review Based On:   8 Month(s) of usage  



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