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 CATALooK.Net Store  [Demo] Cost: Free Trial/$79/$129 USDVersion 4.x.x.
CATALooK is a complete easy-to-use, feature rich, search engine optimized shopping cart-eCommerce solution. Including: real-time delivery of digital goods, recurring billing,..... Code: ASP.NET v3.5 & VB


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There is much wrong with Catalook    
Written by Anonymous User (#1661-229) from Apeldoorn   (Sunday, February 16, 2014)
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Strengths:   options you would not believe what it can do  
Weaknesses:   horrible configuration old and bad import tools  
Details:   Work with Catalook over a year it's some times strange things like settings are hidden everywhere. The back office is terrible and slow, but there isn't anything like it. They have the most options. What really is bad, there import with excel tool its old like the rest and doesn't work at all. We did ask them but no real good aswer where give. For options I would say all stars and more you would not believe what it can do But then the rest old program you will find a horrible way off configuration.
Review Based On:   13 Month(s) of usage  





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