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Full Line of Windows Server 2003 Dedicated Servers. FAST Windows VPS Virtual Private Servers using Virtual Server 2005. Loaded with over $2,000 in Software. Fully Secured and Configured - Internet Ready - FREE SETUP! Call us toll-free at (800) 317-8552.

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Have been Perfect! A++    
Written by David Rodgers from Absecon, NJ   (Thursday, January 29, 2009)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Proactive Support, Extremely Friendly, Easy to Reach, Affordable for what you are getting  
Weaknesses:   No Linux  
Details:   I have been very impressed with Server Intellect since signing up and I have not been able to find one thing wrong with their service. Every time I have called their sales or support line I have been able to reach someone who was able to handle the issue. I have had no problems using their support system and I actually prefer to not have sensitive information via email so logging in to the customer portal is not an issue for me. You can also always call and reach someone over the phone, which is very nice. I have found that upgrading/downgrading and adding domains and services is easy and can be done with a short request. Overall, I am extremely impressed and have recommended Server Intellect to many people who are equally pleased. We currently have multiple accounts and will be upgrading to a Dedicated Server very soon.
Review Based On:   7 Month(s) of usage  

Went from Good to Worst    
Written by Uri Arad from NYC   (Friday, December 19, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Simple setup  
Weaknesses:   Poor support and service  
Details:   We have been using Server Intellect for over 3 years now. Things used to be very good, but the last year have shown things go from good to bad. Server Intellect have been making unilateral changes to their systems and Infrastructure which all result in worst service and higher charges. Support - There is no email support, only their own Unity support system. This makes creating new tickets and managing them a very cumbersome task. Moreover, only the system admin which have the password to the account can open the tickets. Backup - Server Intellect just replaced their backup system with a new one. There was no choice on the matter. The new system backups your full drive with 0 control on what gets backed up or not. This means that every OS update, software, or file on your server will eat into your backup space whether you want it backed up or not. SI was also good at giving people heads-up when they went over quota. No more. Now you get an automated notice and your monthly charge goes up automatically. Trying to get your money back is a pain. Finally, with all the upgrades, SI takes the liberty of installing and rebooting your server when they like to. When the server does not boot back up, you have to suffer the results. They will not even credit you when they fail to meet their SLA unless you make a formal request. We are sorry to see a good service go bad and will take our business elsewhere.
Review Based On:   34 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   Hello Uri, I am very sorry to hear about your frustrations, however I feel that the comments do not reveal the true facts. Over the last few years we have added a lot of new features, improvements for the better. We no longer send the contents of ticket replies via email, to protect your server's security. The requirement for the password, this again, is for your own protection. This in industry standard. We have never increased the price of our backups. We have upgraded our systems and we do allow you full reports and stats on usage. We must charge for the space you are using. You can choose to not have backups. It is your choice. We do not force customers to have backups. We also allow customers to choose the time their monthly server maintenance is performed or rebooted. We do not reboot servers without your approval Monthly Windows updates are very important and we allow customers to choose the most convenient time for reboot.

Server Intellect so far so good    
Written by Anonymous User (#1674-320) from australia   (Monday, December 29, 2008)
Strengths:   support, stability, speed, cost and reliabity  
Weaknesses:   personal support  
Details:   We have dealt with several hosts and we are very fortunate to find Server Intellect. I am not sure what the backup is all about in previous comment, but I will surely find out. Got me a bit nervous. The support ticket isnt that bad. They are always there for me within minutes anytime of day or night. It is it too hard with the ticket ping pong, I jsut pick up the phone and called. I did it twice and solve the matters within one phone call. We have been using Server Intellect for several months now. We have high amount of traffics and the ecommerce suite consumes huge amount of resources. SI has all the flexibilities of creating a new platform for us that meets our need for speedy, reliable and secure website. That does not cost an arm and leg. There was one incident with one poor rep, but it was solved within 24 hours. The security package that comes with it is excellent. I guess any poor review could only improve Server Intellect more. You have my full recommendation with Server Intellect.
Review Based On:   13 Month(s) of usage  

What a Package Deal!    
Written by Mike Swift from Texas   (Wednesday, June 11, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Great support, answers phone, Good price  
Weaknesses:   None so far  
Details:   I order a server with Server Intellect 6 months ago. Within 24 hours I had my sites up and running. HELM control panel was easy to use setup and admin. Support thus far has been amazing. I needed backups restored to my Server (I had deleted 15 gigs of data oops ) and was delighted to seem them back on my server within an hour of my request. For someone like myself that is not a tech savvy guy Server Intellect took out all the hassles of a server for me. Anyone who is looking for a dedicated server that needs critical support I would recommend Server Intellect to you!
Review Based On:   using demo only  

Not all Roses in Paradise    
Written by Joe Wright from Dallas, TX   (Monday, June 02, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Selling you on Server Intellect  
Weaknesses:   Technical support  
Details:   We decided to go with Server Intellect because we didn’t want to maintain a server at our location and manage everything that would encompass. We are a small marketing company and have little computer expertise. We aren’t using Server Intellect to host our web page, for development, or even our e-mail. The only thing we are trying to do is host an application (Peachtree Quantum 2008). While Server Intellect may be great at hosting e-mail and web sites, if you intend to use Server to host an application, plan on the expense of hiring someone for technical support. If you are a novice and need a little hand holding to get started you will be disappointed. Even during the first 30 days, you are mostly on your own.
Review Based On:   14 Day(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   I am very sorry to hear about your frustration; however I do not feel the post gives a fair overview of the entire issue. First off, we make no claims of being able to support or install Peachtree Accounting Software and never have. This issue was ultimately resolved by us researching the Pervasive SQL Engine that Peachtree uses and solving an advanced configuration issue within the software on the client’s computer, even after speaking with Peachtree and them assuring us that it should be working properly. Unfortunately this issue did take a little more time to resolve then a typical web or email issue. Even though we had no prior experience installing an advanced Accounting Software package on a Windows Server, we feel we went above and beyond to make sure we were able to get this working. The last communication was that the software was installed and running correctly. If this is not the case, please do contact us immediately and we will do everything within our power to assist.

Excellent .NET Hosting for Developers    
Written by Roger Miller from Orlando, Florida   (Friday, June 15, 2007)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Great uptime, support and features  
Weaknesses:   completely satisfied  
Details:   As a developer, you need to have a lot of control over your web site and database. Two of the primary reasons I chose Server Intellect is: 1.) Many of the others I tried SUCKED! 2.) They allow me to use SQL Server Management Studio to work with my database. Many hosting companies provide you with their own web interface to work with your database. These are always so limited. Being able to use SQL Sever Management Studio let's me work with my database anyway I need to. Keep in mind you can only work with your database. Your not given permissions to schedule task at the server level, which is completely understandable. Server Intellect, you rock!
Review Based On:   20 Month(s) of usage  

Server Intellect are the BEST!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1660-154) from Israel   (Friday, June 22, 2007)
Strengths:   price, servers hardware, setup time, setup fee (FREE!!!), customer support  
Weaknesses:   NONE  
Details:   I was in more than 10 hosting companies and tried 6 hosting company only in September 2006 and after all of them, I've found Server Intellect. I've ordered from them a "3.0 GHz Dual Core Pentium" dedicated server with add-ons and they setup my server in less than 24 hours after I've confirmed the order with them via phone! Other hosting companies have setup my account (Reseller, not dedicated server – more simply) after 2-4 days after the order and reply to my support ticket(s) between 12 hours and 3 days! This is a very bad support, but not in Server Intellect! Server Intellect is above all of them in the price, servers hardware, setup time, setup fee (FREE!!!), customer support and they are happy to be an assistance in everything that you need, even with problems that they don't have to help. I didn't find any hosting company that is like Server Intellect in all that I've mention above. It's worth every penny! You'll enjoy any minute with them!
Review Based On:   10 Month(s) of usage  

Not just a host, a true solution partner    
Written by Osamah Alabdullah from Kuwait   (Monday, April 02, 2007)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Outstanding support, Wide variety of services, robust infrastrucre, true value for the buck.  
Weaknesses:   None  
Details:   I have signed up for a VPS account with ServerIntellect recently. I was amazed at the services, functionality and great support that they have. Frankly, I got sick of my old host, and serverintellect just made me feel at home with their super friendly, knowledgable and responsive staff. Having had the chance to look through all the services and functionalities that came with my package, I had relaized that my old host was light years behind. There are many web hosters out there, but the folks at ServerIntellect works with you as a solution partner. I am certainly getting my money's worth and very happy to recommend this company to newbies and professionals alike. This is my official commendation to all the folks at serverintellect.
Review Based On:   5 Day(s) of usage  

Good Hosting Site for Developers    
Written by Adam Wang from Ontario   (Monday, August 28, 2006)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Excellent support, knowledge, competence, performance and value  
Weaknesses:   none  
Details:   The folks at Server Intellect are absolutely amazing! Their support is fast and excellent, their knowledge and competence is unmatched by any other web host, and they are always professional, friendly, and helpful. I have recommended Server Intellect to countless friends, customers, and other web developers for over three years and I intend to continue doing so in the future.
Review Based On:   36 Month(s) of usage  

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