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$5.00/Month ASP.NET 4.5 Hosting! Award Winning ASP.NET Hosting Provider: Windows 2012/IIS 8, MVC 4.0, Visual Studio 2012, SQL 2012, LightSwitch, Full Trust, MS WebDeploy and Much More!


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Great Uptime... and cheap!    
Written by Colleen W from Winnipeg, Mb Canada   (Friday, January 30, 2009)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   It works!  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   We've been hosting a demo site on Discount ASP for about a year now, and have never had any problems. The 'up-time' is great, and they were even willing to install a .dll for us. They have full features, and it works! Support has never been an issue, and is frankly rarely required. Not sure how any of the previous reviewers can expect full phone support at this price point.
Review Based On:   12 Month(s) of usage  

Inexpensive Hosting, but problematic support    
Written by d b from Washington DC   (Tuesday, January 27, 2009)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Cheap  
Weaknesses:   Lack of knowledgeable Support  
Details:   How frustrating that they send the little content in their support email responses. :( Just emailed support a while ago and they responded with a copy of 4 lines of what I sent them. A lot of good that does, huh? I emailed again, hoping to get another person, but the same person! Nothing one can do. Stuck!
Review Based On:   48 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   I don't know what the issue is with this ticket as there is no description in this post. But if our support was lacking, then why host with us for 4 years? We also continue to win Best ASP.NET hosting awards, we continue to get positive testimonials from our customers, we have won Top 10 ranking for Support Quality, we were featured in two Microsoft Case Studies. If our support was truly lacking, all this would not be possible.

No Live Cust Support    
Written by Greg Nies from Syracuse, NY   (Sunday, January 18, 2009)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   ???  
Weaknesses:   CSR - SSL  
Details:   I have had an open ticket for 2 days now... Usually they are good about getting right back to you, however my issue started early Saturday and it is now Sunday @ 1pm. Still no response... I simply need a CSR so I can go obtain my SSL from Godaddy... Good chance in time I end up back with Godaddy as they have 24/7 LIVE support... All and all discountasp has been good - it just sucks waiting for and email and that email doesn't do the trick and now today I still have had zero response to my needs.... Oh well... You get what you pay for I guess...
Review Based On:   14 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   We understand your frustration with the wait and we are working on improving the entire ssl installation process. However, at this time, as we state in the communications, it can take up to 24 hours for replies for SSL. I'm not sure all that is going on with this particular case.

Great for personal websites, not for doing busines    
Written by Paul Marangoni from Los Angeles   (Thursday, December 18, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   good control panel, easy to develop  
Weaknesses:   terrible support, terrible uptime  
Details:   I have been using these guys for almost ten years. Their services are great for very small sites with little to no traffic. Once your site gets busy at all though, watch out. Your server will be recycling like crazy and your site will be down several times a day. I am now in the process of moving all of my business elsewhere.
Review Based On:   100 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   We are glad that this poster trusted us for many years. While it is true that some sites may outgrow our service, it is untrue that this is simply because the sites get busy. We host some very popular sites without issue. A lot of the recycling issue has to do with the application. Since we offer a shared hosting service, all our customers share the resources on the box. So there are two schools of thought for hosting. What we do is put some constraints on sites so that ALL of our customers sites can function reliably. And the vast (90%+) majority of sites, even popular sites, never hit these constraints. This is why you don't see many more posts like this one here and we've been doing hosting liek this for over 5 years. The alternative would be to let applications run wild - which would make this poster happy but it would hurt other customers. And on the flip side, other customer sites can run wild too and that would affect this posters site.

When it goes down, it goes down hard    
Written by Anonymous User (#1499-195) from Cincinnati, OH   (Thursday, December 18, 2008)
Strengths:   Inexpensive  
Weaknesses:   Single point of failure network design  
Details:   We have had good experiences with DASP when their system functions as expected. But when it goes down (as it has today, it goes down hard). They are currently having a network outage which is affecting our customers' sites. Interestingly, one of DASP's previous rebuttals states: "This work was done to give our customers the redundancy this poster is complaining about" So, they removed the connection to the provider, but that cut their throughput in half, which is causing slow loads and timeouts. So what's the purpose of the redundant connection?
Review Based On:   6 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   Our network design does not have a single point of failure. At this time we are expreiencing a latency issue not a complete outage, for example. Unfortunately, IP connection planning is a much more complex thing than the poster makes it out to be. For example, as an analogy, in Los Angeles we have redundant freeways but close one off and you have major traffic on the alternative paths. LA could have built two redundant 10 lane superhighways but there are many things that the city needs to balance - like costs, rarity of complete freeway closures, what other programs can the money be used for, whose being displaced for the freeways, ...etc. Similarly, as a hoster, we have to make similar business decisions. Over the last few months we have also been working on bringing a third ip connections into the fold.

How about a phone number?    
Written by Pete Carter from Toronto   (Thursday, September 04, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   excellent all around service but...  
Weaknesses:   limit of 3 FTP users  
Details:   I host several sites with DASP and am reasonably pleased. There are several positive experiences. Some negatives are--no reseller plan, no dedicated boxes, and no phone support. I know email is ok most of the time, but when I need to talk to someone there is no replacement for a phone. Also, FTP is limited to three user profiles. I had a customer want to setup multiple FTP user protected directories...can't do it. Also, hosts DNN like a breeze.
Review Based On:   36 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   We are happy that this customer is pleased with our service and hosts several sites with us. In the hosting business it is not possible to offer every type of hosting option and to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. Hosting is a business of tradeoffs. You can offer shared, reseller, vps and dedicated but these hosts have delayed launching windows 2008 and/or sql 2008 because it would require R&D effort or they wait for their control panel vendors to upgrade. Phone support is an expensive operational cost of running a hosting business. If we offered phone support, we would need to give up on other things like R&D or hire more cheaper (less qualified) staff, which could degrade the support quality and would slow us down in our innovation efforts. Instead of doing all things for all sites, we have made the business decision to focus on innovation within the shared hosting niche. This is reflected in everything that we do and you can see by all our announcements.

Great service, great price    
Written by Marc Leroux from Blacklick, Ohio   (Tuesday, July 29, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Features, service, price  
Weaknesses:   None, so far  
Details:   I switched to Discount ASP when the *name brand* provider I was using told me they had no solutions for my expected database growth.I wasn't happy with them in any event, especially when they took 5 days to restore the database my site is based on! I'm not very technical and dreaded changing providers. The staff and community at DASP helped me with some of the challenges I was facing, and my cutover was smooth and seamless. It's been a pleasure working with DASP.
Review Based On:   2 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   Also, as customer's databases grow, we do provide an automated SQL shrink tool in our control panel for SQL management and helps customers reclaim some more disk space.

Can I get these guys to return my email?    
Written by Keith Rowe from North Florida   (Tuesday, May 27, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Great when up,  
Weaknesses:   Reboots without notifications. Total silence on Help Tickets.  
Details:   We have been down for 7 hours now. Our developer broke something in our web so we asked for a simple restore from the latest backup. Got a quick response, but no zip file as promised. Wrote back at least four times, no response. Wrote every dagum email address including Sales, Feedback, etc., no response. Even did a WhoIs to get their fax response. Still waiting. Our lifeblood application is down due to our own error but we cannot get DASP to drop a ZIP file in our root directory or even talk to us about it. Miserable support. Absolutely miserable. We are changing vendors as soon as we can and no longer recommending them unless there has been a major earthquake in California.
Review Based On:   36 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   No earthquake in CA. 1. The customer was adversarial from the start, did not answer questions to expedite resolution and chose to repeatedly spam us instead. 2. Everytime the customer replied to their open ticket and spam us, they pushed their ticket to the end of the support queue, delaying their response time further. 2. We perform backups for disaster recovery purposes. Our hosting services doesn't include customer site backup management. The customer is responsible for backing up their own site. 3. If available, we can recover site files from our backups for a service fee. 4. Before proceeding, we need customer approval for the service charge and need the backup date they want (we have several days worth). 5. The customer did not provide info until serveral hours later. But the customer did spam us repeatedly in between and after providing info. 6. The customer also needed input from their developer which is out of our control and delayed resolution.

Great experience    
Written by Dick Baker from Georgia   (Tuesday, March 04, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Great support and services  
Weaknesses:   No phone support  
Details:   We've been using discountASP for a year now. Their support response has always been quick. Their support offerings and features are quite extensive. We use their SSL and SQL services and haven't experienced any major problems so far. I will try out their dotnetnuke support soon and report back. I would recommend using them again.
Review Based On:   12 Month(s) of usage  

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