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$5.00/Month ASP.NET 4.5 Hosting! Award Winning ASP.NET Hosting Provider: Windows 2012/IIS 8, MVC 4.0, Visual Studio 2012, SQL 2012, LightSwitch, Full Trust, MS WebDeploy and Much More!

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poor service (not business worthy)    
Written by Anonymous User (#1725-284)  (Friday, June 22, 2007)
Strengths:   lots of components, low price, good for testing websites but not for real production  
Weaknesses:   no service, frequent crashes and reboots for 20 ,minutes at a time, major network outages for days  
Details:   discount asp should not be used to host your business website, they have no up time guarantee, and its abvious by the amount and length of outages. Thursday june 21st 8am Pac. 2007 servers all went down, down for about 5 hours and then very slow dropping over 30% packets, making it impossible to get a full page loaded. 8pm pac, goes down again, this time its still down 10:30am friday, yes that over 24 hours ion row that my sites have neen unaccessable. Now thier phone number 7 616 351 6188 is just ringing and ringing, when yesterday they would answer and give an update on the outage. so if you read this and still choose discount asp to host your business website, you will loose your money. Furthermore, the only way to contact support is though email or the control panel, both were unaccessable during this outage, they clearly do not have the backup and redundant connections they claim. A class action law suit should be brought against them.
Review Based On:   using demo only  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   We've been in business for a long time in hosting business standards and plan to be around for even longer. The poster is correct that there was a global outage. We even posted about this in our forum at . This was a DDOS attack and we dealt with it. We maintain a site outside of our hosting infrastructure for global outages - see: While these types of global outages can happen, they are rare and it is not an everyday occurance. As for the frequent crashes issue - that is somethign that is happenning to the customer's sole site. We host in isolated application pools so one customers' bad code won't take down our other customers. This particular customer must have been running some bad code or runnaway app that resulted in frequent recycling. Our platform is designed so that this type of customer app won't take down the rest of our customers.

info slow and low    
Written by Anonymous User (#1675-237) from Detroit   (Saturday, June 23, 2007)
Strengths:   easy to use  
Weaknesses:   help difficult to get  
Details:   I use and have been negatively impacted by this recent attack, but I have only recieved 1 email from them and it was almost 2 days ago. Why can't they use a totally seperate service to email info? And the latest update on their emergency page is 7 hours old! I'd love to know how mnay people rreally work at this company. My guess is 4 or 5, tops.
Review Based On:   24 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   DiscountASP.NET was under a massive ddos attack for the past 2 days which negatively impacted us as well as all of our customers. We sent out a mass email to our customers about what was going on and we posted updates on an offsite web page. We update the status page when there is new information. Contrary to the posters guess, we have over 20 staff and we worked round the clock for the past 2 days with our upstream provider's security team. This was a malicious, deliberate ddos attack that was huge in scale. Despite all the recently posted rants here, we are also receiving positive feedback from our customers who understand what was going on. For example, "Just a word of thanks and encouragement to all people at DiscountASP.NET on how you handled this mean-spirited attack on your business and clients. These are attacks to terrorize honest businesses and I hope the culprits can be found and brought to justice. This will certainly not affect my loyalty to your excellent company."

Lots of sizzle, but still looking for the steak    
Written by Anonymous User (#1675-237) from Philadelphia   (Friday, June 22, 2007)
Strengths:   efficient, inexpensive  
Weaknesses:   customer support  
Details:   Approx. 24 hours ago they got hit with an attack. That they haven't gotten system's up and running is unfortunate and it is costing me business. What bothers me most is that status/updates have been infrequent and brief AND yet they seem to have time to respond to these postings. Hey guys...don't respond to this one, go get your system working!!
Review Based On:   using demo only  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   These posts are NOT replied by our system admins who are working on the issue right now - contrary to the posters claim. DiscountASP.NET was under a massive ddOS attack yesterday and today which took down our web and email system. We posted when we could in our forum, we emailed all our customers when we could, and we update an offsite emergency status page. We are working with our upstream provider's security team on future prevention measures and on identifying the attack source. We are working round the clock on getting back online and our system protected. We post on the status page when we have new information. We have many customers that are very understanding and continue to support our efforts through this. This deliberate, malicious attack is massive in scale and our connection from the upstream provider is saturated. It's unfortunate that there are evil people out there that would initiate such an attack and take down so many innocent businesses and websites.

Email never works, website is down    
Written by Anonymous User (#1892-315) from New York   (Friday, June 22, 2007)
Strengths:   no comment  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   Website and email have been down all day. Losing money. I am definitely not going to renew. I will try my luck elsewhere.
Review Based On:   using demo only  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   DiscountASP.NET was under a massive dDOS attack yesterday which took down our web and email system. We are working with our upstream provider's security team on future prevention measures and on identifying the attack source. We totally understand that this is affecting our customers, as we are an Internet-based business as well. However, unlike this poster, we have many customers that are very understanding and continue to support our efforts through this situation. We will let all our customers know what we are doing about this situation. We hope that our actions will win the renewal of this customer. The poster should note that the sheer magnitude of this attack would take down any other hoster out there. It's very unfortunate that there are malicious people out there that initiate such attacks and deliverately take down innocent businesses and websites.

discount asp worst customer service ever    
Written by Anonymous User (#1510-130) from Liverpool   (Friday, June 22, 2007)
Strengths:   Good product  
Weaknesses:   under valued customers  
Details:   My business is in the UK, my website was down due to a renewel for three days which cost the business a lot of money. they informed me at 8pm (uk time) that the card details were not correct - unfortunetly we diddnt pick that mail up at our office is closed. discount asp then shut us down at 12pm (uk time). we attempted to contact them though out the course of the weekend but we would only get a response after 8pm (uk time) and that was to refer us to aa ticket number that diddnt exist. Discount asp should provide 24 hr support if they value their customers as we are a typical example of poor quality support.
Review Based On:   13 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   DiscountASP.NET provides 24/7 technical support but our Billing Department operates at normal business hours (PT). For our customer's security, only Billing staff can touch anything to do with a customer's credit card or transactions. Therefore, admittedly, things do slow down during the weekend and evenings for Billing matters. For this particular situation, the time zone difference also added to the delays which resulted in the suspension. I'll have our Customer Care lead check out this post to conduct a post-mortem. I can say though that as we grow we will continue to get more Billing Coverage throughout more of the evenings and weekends. Windows Hosting Experts    
Written by Michael M from Denver, CO   (Wednesday, April 18, 2007)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Extensive knowledge about configuration issues relating to Windows Hosting  
Weaknesses:   Email only support, no dedicated hosting  
Details:   I've had a GREAT experience with I'm mostly impressed with their quick response to my questions, and the accuracy of their answers. Earlier today I had a database problem with my website. I asked them a fairly generic question about the problem, and their techs made several suggestions, which was right on the money. I've tried other hosting companies that leave you feeling like a lab rat -- but not I highly recommend this company!
Review Based On:   6 Month(s) of usage  

Great Hosting, terrible service    
Written by Austin W from Austin, TX   (Tuesday, February 13, 2007)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Everything hosting  
Weaknesses:   Everything service  
Details:   The last review was correct. Whoever is posting the rebuttals to these reviews is being defensive and basically blowing off the criticism's of the reviewers. Instead of being defensive, just realize what the common thread between most of these reviews is. Almost everybody seems to like the hosting, and almost everybody seems to hate the service. There isn't more to it than that. I have been using DiscountAsp.Net for 3 years and multiple web sites and I love it. I switched to them after using multiple other terrible hosts. The control and the options are great. But, as with the others, I hate the customer service. The fact that you have to send a support ticket in and just sit there in wait for sometimes hours(in the middle of the day) is just ridiculous. They need telephone support. You've made enough money from me alone to justify it. Case in point, my site went down today and in the last hour I have been desperate to try to find out what the cause is. I have sent 4 emails, tried every control in the control panel, and wasted an hour of my day, with no response whatsoever from to even acnowledge that they got the support ticket. This is frustrating and a waste of my time. Whoever does the rebuttals, don't get defensive and fight your customers on this, just get better support. PS: After my fourth email and over an hour of waiting, I just got an email with this exactly: <discount email> Dear Customer, Your ticket has been escalated to our system administrator, they will get back to you later today. DiscountASP.NET The power of ASP.NET for less </discount email> I can't wait until later today! This is the kind of service we are talking about. Don't rebutt, Just fix it! Please! But other than that, excellent hosting. :)
Review Based On:   36 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   If we had bad support then we wouldn't have been in the top 10 best customer support ranking in Hostest's recent report, we wouldn't have won awards from leading tech publications, we wouldn't be hosting popular resources like, we wouldn't be getting the stream of testimonials month after month, year after year, and we wouldn't rank so high in this review site. The customer has been with us for 3 years so they should know that we do not offer phone support. I looked up what happened to this account. 1st, the customer kept responding to their open ticket, pushing back their ticket to the end of the queue. 2nd, the server was restarted because IIS hung - rare but it can happen. 3rd, the customer's web app was recycling due to excessive resource usage and our support provided the event log on the cause. After escalation, the ticket was answered in 17 min. After the recycling incident was reported, we provided the event log in 18 min. I wouldn’t call that bad support.

Great if not growing    
Written by Chad Biggerstaff from Kansas City, MO   (Tuesday, January 09, 2007)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Control Panel, controls, 3rd party discounts  
Weaknesses:   Package options, Billing, SQL Fees  
Details:   My first impressions were wow I can set my own directory permissions, create application folders, and start/stop IIS. The control panel options are very useful and quite thorough covering most anything you'd want. I find the assigning of file space to specified user accounts a bit of a pain versus just a pool. I have ran into major problems with 1 client's production site. At first things were fine but then as the site grew and gained clients suddenly the site would keep losing sessions. I emailed support and was told that this was probably because of hitting a memory cieling at which time it would reset but they couldn't tell me for certain what was causing the resets to occur if it was memory or cpu usage or.. No real help troubleshooting. doesn't have any options/packages to support the client growing into. So now the client is forced to move to a more powerful hosting environment elsewhere. As long as you aren't involved in a major web application or order/e-commerce type system then I haven't found a better host than However if you are dealing with clients/logins and tracking data to build an order or product then keep in mind if you grow much you may need to relocate your website as is as it's name suggest discounted and only offers such a package. Being discounted I'm a bit disappointed they don't offer a free mysql/mssql database option instead charging 10/month for a database. I'm also disappointed that signing up for a year to get 6 months free then sets you up for yearly billing on addons I was a bit surprised when charged nearly $120 after adding sql then discovered all billings are pro rated for the remaining year even though listed at a monthly rate. Even more surprised when auto billed the next year for $240 versus being charged monthly or given a nice email reminder that account was auto-renewal and due soon.
Review Based On:   12 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   1. Customers have full control over users. 2. We place reasonable contraints to provide reliable hosting for ALL. If app using 2x the memory of MS Word, then something is wrong with app. Resetting site live = troubleshooting data loss. Troubleshooting can take hours without results. We do not provide free app debugging. 3. Moving to powerful host not correct. Either move to dedicated server so all resources are for 1 site, or move to shared host who allows 1 customer to abuse resources. 4. We do not offer free MSSQL. We host SQL on separate servers for better performance. We hire MCDBAs/MCSEs. We pay montly MS SPLA licensing fees. We do R&D and launch automated SQL backup, restore, shrink tools and attach mdf tools. 5. Addon charges are synced to billing cycle. Charging monthly gets messy with many addons ordered at different times. Reconciling multiple seemingly random charges every month is a nightmare for our customers and our biling staff. 6. Renewal reminders are sent out.

Incompetent Support Staff    
Written by Anonymous User (#1481-242) from East Coast, USA   (Sunday, January 28, 2007)
Strengths:   Too early to tell  
Weaknesses:   Support staff is totally imcompetent  
Details:   I have had the service for about 2 weeks now, and I am unable to publish to my web site. I have asked DASP.NET to fix this problem, and they are unable to do so. The support staff seems more willing to just refer you to a knowledge base article then to actually look into the cause of the problem on case by case basis, and seem unable to understand the nuance of a given problem. Case in point : I told them that Front Page extensions were not working, and I was told to just use FTP, even thought they offer Front Page Publishing. When I told them that the permissions were not in place to do FTP publishing (unable to create 'bin', 'css' or any other subdirectory), I was told that Remote debugging was not allowed. This is especially bewildering, since Remote Debugging and publishing have nothing to do with one another. Maybe DASP will be embarrassed enough to actually improve their support after reading this.
Review Based On:   12 Day(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   We understand that website publishing can be frustrating, especially using FrontPage extensions, which is known for permission issues. The customer was using Visual Studio which supports FTP. Our staff always recommends using FTP to avoid permission issues. The customer opened up many tickets on the same issue, and those tickets not having a response history, confused our multiple support staff - so the customer got the initial troubleshooting responses mulitple times - like links to the KB. Having multiple tickets open at various stages of troubleshooting confused our staff which led to a mention of Remote debugging. We are not embarrassed, we strive to improve our support continuously, and we still believe that we offer the best support for ASP.NET Hosting, as demonstrated by all the hosting awards that we won and the testimonials that keep pouring in.

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