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 Instant Forum 2015  [Demo]  Cost: Free Trial/$329/$689 USDVersion 2015
Customizable, SEO Ready, Extensible ASP.NET & SQL Server discussion forum platform. Easily implement Single Sign On with your existing .NET site. Supports both VS.NET 2008 & 2010. Backed by comprehensive product documentation & first class support. Code: ASP.NET v4.0 & C#


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Excellent Forum Software for the .Net Platform    
Written by Raghurama Bhat from Dublin, CA   (Wednesday, March 31, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Extremely Fast, Ease of Use, Excellent Product Support  
Weaknesses:   Lack of Reports, Hierarchy of Forum Groups, Archiving  
Details:   I was looking for a Forum Software Package for internal technical discussions within the company. Ease of use and performance were my top requirements as the user base is split across many locations in different countries. While there are many Freeware/Shareware Forum packages around most of them are very difficult to set up and don't scale well. InstantForum stands out due to it's ease of install and rich set of features. I was able to get the software up and running in less than 10 minutes. Company's product support is excellent. I encountered a problem which turned out to be a bug in the .Net framework and when I visited the Support forums, vendor was already aware of the problem and made a hot fix from Microsoft available for down load. Most support questions are answered within a few hours! I was also very pleased by the fast pace of development and frequent addition of new features. I have only used the software for a month and already got an upgrade from 3.3 to 3.4. Upgrade went through without any issues. Software source also is very well structured and easy to understand and customzie. Database schema is very intutive. I was able to import 600 users into the system very easily. Overall, an excellent value for the money.
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  

Takes the lead from the starting gate    
Written by Scott Ehly from Atlanta, Georgia (USA)   (Friday, March 26, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Support, Ease of use, Support, Out of box functionality, Support  
Weaknesses:   Installation could be more fully automated to accomodate users with little or no ASP.Net experience.  
Details:   As a usability/interface designer for an international financial software corporation, I found InstantForum to be a bright and intuitive solution from the beginning to the end. Having previously made only a casual acquaintence with ASP.Net, I had rapidly gummed-up my installation with reckless customizations. InstantASP technical staff was there with same-day (same-hour, actually) response and I still managed to implement an intranet development forum in less than half a day. InstantForum has more [out of the box] features than most user forums I visit. The security enhancements in the latest revision are a strong indication that InstantAsp is keeping up with rapidly changing nature of the Internet. Did I mention the fantastic support?
Review Based On:   4 Month(s) of usage  

Robust Forum with all the Bells and Whistles    
Written by Anonymous User (#1858-269) from Atlanta, Georgia, USA   (Tuesday, April 13, 2004)
Strengths:   Full Source Code, Robust, Fast,  
Weaknesses:   Hard to wait for the next great Version release.  
Details:   I have implemented this for three customers already and all have been more than satisfied. Their knowledgebase product is similar in its strengths and I would highly recommend it to anyone needing to implement either a Forum or Knowledgebase.
Review Based On:   14 Month(s) of usage  

Excellent Forum to base from    
Written by Richard Mathis from Las Vegas, Nevada   (Wednesday, March 03, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Support, Good Coding Standard, Clean Code, Good Documentation  
Weaknesses:   Very IE oriented, lack of features  
Details:   I had to convert a VBulletin based forum used by thousands of people (, which had a rather unique requirements, groups within forums. Ryan was very quick to help me out with implimenting this feature (currently unavailable in all ASP.NET forums I know of), which was done in just under a few hours due to the excellent documentation, strong core code, and good SQL structure. Having managed forums on many different platforums for several popular sites, I feel that these forums are the best solution for anyone that needs to integrate the forums into their existing site structure or who needs forums to base a site around. I do list lack of features as a weakness, but any feature I want, I know I could add in under a day, and based on the rate of improvement so far, I think that the current lack of features will be corrected soon.
Review Based On:   3 Month(s) of usage  

Good architecture, support    
Written by Anonymous User (#1634-336)  (Sunday, February 29, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Easy to setup and work with  
Weaknesses:   Still needs some features  
Details: really has worked well for how we have used it so far. As others have said, the support is outstanding, and the updates come frequently. It is very rare that you make a suggestion to a software developer, and see your request implemented in the next version of the product. The foundation is definitely there if you want to build in your own features as well. Everything is nicely abstracted so there are well-separated chunks of functionality to edit at will.
Review Based On:   4 Month(s) of usage  

Simply the best forum software    
Written by Drew Evangelista from Atlanta, GA - USA   (Saturday, February 28, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Easy to config, flexible, excellent design and look  
Weaknesses:   No pruning yet - but is on the way  
Details:   Feedback and actual integration of the feedback is tremendous. Support has been helpful - even on weekends. I know I can get fast turnaround if I need it on questions. Helped via email and IM even! Helped me with integration issue of InstantForum with InstantKB and an overall portal setup. Was a lifesaver!
Review Based On:   2 Month(s) of usage  

MSDE Install    
Written by Anonymous User (#1845-367)  (Friday, February 27, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   He responded to my cry for help in 2 min after I sent the e-mail  
Weaknesses:   NONE  
Details:   I was having problems installing InstantForum with MSDE SQL Server. Ryan connected through MSN Messenger and walked me through setting up Instant Forum with MSDE. I watched in amazement as he flew through the install and setup. This is the best customer support I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!
Review Based On:   1 Day(s) of usage  

InstantForums - Best bang for my buck!    
Written by Aaron Caviglia from Visalia, CA   (Wednesday, February 18, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Support, Speed, Ease of Use, Expandability  
Weaknesses:   Needs to be a little stronger with moderator powers and permissions  
Details:   I started with Instant Forums 3.0 when I was shopping around for forum software. I'm so happy to have found it, any questions I have are answered generally in minutes (literally). Developer is really open to new ideas to improve his product (I think this is the greatest feature of Instant Forums!). If you are honestly looking for a great forum, with great support at a fair price, look no further. We at AdminForums love this software!
Review Based On:   5 Month(s) of usage  

Forum with the best .Net coding    
Written by Christian Koerner from Copenhagen, Denmark   (Wednesday, February 18, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Very functional, great coding and nice look&feel  
Weaknesses:   Dependent on Session, moderation lacks a little flexibility.  
Details:   We bought a source-code version, and are very impressed with the quality and functionality of these forums. The weaknesses are very slim, since there are ways to loadbalance a Session-dependent .Net application and moderation works well enough for 99,5% of all usages og this forum.
Review Based On:   7 Day(s) of usage  

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