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 Instant Forum 2015  [Demo]  Cost: Free Trial/$329/$689 USDVersion 2015
Customizable, SEO Ready, Extensible ASP.NET & SQL Server discussion forum platform. Easily implement Single Sign On with your existing .NET site. Supports both VS.NET 2008 & 2010. Backed by comprehensive product documentation & first class support. Code: ASP.NET v4.0 & C#


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Great product, Friendly Support    
Written by Rick Tillotson from California, USA   (Tuesday, July 24, 2012)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Customer Support, knowledge, courtesy, timeliness of response, willingness to help  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   Our company has recently purchased the InstantForum software and are very pleased so far. Being in the United States with the time difference gave some concern regarding being able to receive timely customer support, but that concern was unfounded. Ryan has been incredibly prompt, engaged, courteous, and knowledgeable with all of his replies to our inquiries and it is very much appreciated. I highly recommend this product.
Review Based On:   10 Day(s) of usage  

Excellent Forum software and first class support.    
Written by Anonymous User (#1338-99)  (Friday, July 13, 2012)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Stable software full of features with excellent customer support.  
Weaknesses:   If I really had to be "picky" I would say that the documentation is adequate but could be better.  
Details:   We have been using InstantForum for a couple of years now and have no intention of using any other forum software. InstantForum is packed full of features that it should suit everyone from a large multi-national business down to the individual. (We are a small friendly community, sitting mid-way between the two). Installing the software onto your website isn't hard if you follow the documentation, however if you unsure after reading the documentation, InstantASP do offer an installation service. When we installed ours there were a few minor tweaks needed that I was unsure of and the InstantASP support team sorted those within a couple of hours. I have nothing but praise for the InstantASP support team who have gone over and above the call of duty to help me out. One Sunday I had to upgrade my SQL database and made one stupid error that had the installation throwing up errors. I decided that I would phone and leave a message for someone to contact me at the earliest opportunity. To my amazement my call was answered by Ryan who very kindly spent a couple of hours guiding me through what needed doing to get me back up and running with no loss of data. As a small community we have been so impressed with the forum software and support that we are now in the process of purchasing InstantKB, the other main software offering from InstantASP. The one thing that InstantASP does that makes them stand head and shoulders above the competition, is they listen to their customer's requests and try and include all of their suggestions into the updates.
Review Based On:   24 Month(s) of usage  

Good product, terrible support    
Written by Anonymous User (#1323-26) from London, UK   (Friday, February 17, 2012)
Strengths:   Lots of features  
Weaknesses:   Very poor support  
Details:   The InstantAsp Forum software is extensive and full of features. It also performs + scales well and is easy to integrate into most sites. However, the support documentation seems to be fairly incomplete or out of date. Worse still, they advertise their support as "24hr response" but you actually get an automated response and your ticket gets left with no response unless you chase them. I get the impression they have very few staff and as a result the quality of their support is fairly poor. If you advertise 24hr response, make it 24hr response, don't send me an automated email and insult my intelligence. If you have faily simple forum scenarios go ahead, if you think you might need support, don't bother.
Review Based On:   6 Month(s) of usage  

We vote InstantForum Software of the Year!    
Written by Eddy Lucast from Connecticut   (Monday, March 21, 2011)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Built on the dot.NET framework in VisualBasic, the introduction of relevant new features  
Weaknesses:   none  
Details:   InstantForum by InstantASP has the features our forums users expect and demand. InstantASP has been ahead of the curve adding new features and our users have benefited immensely. InstantASP provides a level of support not seen elsewhere. The InstantForum format has improved our search engine results over a 1,000%. It's allowed our site to go from a sleepy little place on the Internet with a couple hundred users to thousands of users posting hundreds of messages every day. We;re enjoying millions of page hits each year. We're amazed every time we analyze current and historical traffic reports for our site. It just keeps getting better. I've been running forums for almost 20 years so when I was asked to setup a forum for a non-profit historical society I made a list of technical requirements. First it had to be written in a language that was going to be around for a long time.Second, it had to be something I could customize to fit our needs. Third, it had to be based on a technology that wasn't going to be abandoned in the near future. InstantForum written in Visual Basic and running on the dot.NET platform fits that bill. The level of support we've received as been outstanding. InstantASP has worked into the wee hours of the morning and on weekends to insure our site was running and healthy. That's above and beyond in my book especially when the problem was of my own doing. When the InstantForums customers suggest changes and additional features InstantASP listens.
Review Based On:   36 Month(s) of usage  

Best .NET forum I've used...    
Written by Al Bsharah from San Diego   (Monday, March 21, 2011)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Well-written code, good release schedule (features, bugs), nice extensibility!  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   I've used a number of forum packages over the years...and for me this one's been the creme of the crop by far. Solid product, good support, easy to modify (which I've done a LOT of), extremely well written code, the list goes on. They also do a great job of adding heavily requested features and squashing bugs as fast as their development cycle will allow. I've gotten support from the owner and lead developer, Ryan, for a couple of years now and he's even offered to work with me via Skype on a couple of issues I've been having. Great personal touch... I'm excited for the mobile development that's already underway!
Review Based On:   24 Month(s) of usage  

Buggy software, no customer support    
Written by Anonymous User (#1575-133) from Los Angeles, USA   (Thursday, October 28, 2010)
Strengths:   None  
Weaknesses:   Horrible support. Buggy software.  
Details:   Do not buy this sofware. I made a mistake of buying it for my two sites. It has plenty of bugs and the customer support is not existing. It is very slow and the latest version is not very well tested. If you are lucky that someone responds to you. If they feel they can not help you, they will stop responding to your emails. Stay away from them.
Review Based On:   3 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   I'm sincerely sorry if you had a bad experience. We have of course since resolved bugs based on customer feedback and our newer updates should be much more stable. If there is anything we can do to assist please email and we'll work with you as a top priority.

Ideally suited for professional forums    
Written by Andy Bowler from Northampton UK   (Sunday, September 20, 2009)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Excellent Support  
Weaknesses:   Yet to find one  
Details:   Exceptional support. Not being up to date with and SQL servers I decided to pay the additional cost and have them install the forum on my ISP. Well worth it. The forum was setup within a day and the support excellent. A few hiccups at first but once again the support was excellent and these were resolved in a timeless manner. Would recommend using them to do the installation if you are not fully conversant with and SQL databases.
Review Based On:   3 Day(s) of usage  

Flexible, functional forum that leverages ASP.NET    
Written by Randall Smith from South Carolina   (Wednesday, August 26, 2009)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Flexible, functional forum that leverages ASP.NET  
Weaknesses:   will be nice when there is integration between InstantKB and InstantForum  
Details:   I have 2 installations. One with a lot of customization for my site. Very happy with responsive customer service. Easy to keep up with new posts and good use of features like authentication, etc. Very happy in general and look forward to continued use.......
Review Based On:   12 Month(s) of usage  

Great Forum+Supurb Customer Service    
Written by Anonymous User (#1493-244) from Fort Payne, AL   (Wednesday, July 30, 2008)
Strengths:   Fantastic Customer Service! Open code is great, very easy to work into your site!  
Weaknesses:   Installation pretty easy but not so easy for a newby I wouln't think..  
Details:   Had small difficulty installing, contacted Tech Support and got it up right away! I have contacted them with several general questions and the Customer Service/Tech Support is SUPURB!..I have never had that kind of friendly and helpfull service from another software provider before. I know I was somewhat of a burden at times and was never treated as such...You can't go wrong with this forum and the SEO is great also. Google indexes the forum topics constantly.
Review Based On:   3 Month(s) of usage  

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