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 Inside ASP.NET Price: $35 USD 
Inside ASP.NET is a comprehensive guide to ASP.NET development using Microsoft's .NET development framework. This book presents information on the .NET framework that is of specific interest to Internet and intranet developers.


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From ASP Expert to ASP.NET Expert    
Written by Anonymous User (#1473-151) from Breda, The Netherlands   (Saturday, November 24, 2001)
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Details:   If you are an experienced ASP developer ready to become an ASP.NET developer this book gives you a head start. As Microsoft developer we all know that the changes between the current development and the .NET framework are major. It makes ASP more mature and a state of the art development platform. But what are the changes in the development of these Internet applications? This book gives you the answers and helps you to apply your current knowledge to make fully use of the ASP.NET environment, all from a programmers view. All aspects needed to build real live applications are covered. From basic understanding of how the ASP.Net environment is build up to applying sophisticated security on your internet applications. The chapters are clearly divided in the various aspects you come across in various projects. The commonly used ASP.NET classes and its intrinsic objects are explained in detail, focusing on what is important to know. All is backed up by al lot of code examples and is clearly explained, without analyzing every line of code. This makes the chapters easier to read and it keeps the focus on the subject. After reading the book you have a real good reference to keep with you in your development projects. At the end of the book there is a complete project you can build. Using the techniques and controls explained in previous chapters. It shows you the power and flexibility of ASP.NET and the .NET framework. All pieces come together in this chapter. In conclusion a great book and a must have on the bookshelf




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