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 My ASP.NET Favor-Its 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Favor-Its?
Favor-Its are Codango’s way of letting you track the resources that matter most to you and others. More importantly, with Favor-Its you can give other users a heads up about which resources you think are the best.

How Do They Help Me Out?
Each resource will display how many users have favored it, giving you more power to find the best resources for your needs. You can sort and organize your searches by Favor-It count to identify which resources other users like the most.

How Do I Start?
If you want to add Favor-Its, simply click the [+] link next to the Favor-It tally within the resource guide. In order to help maintain your sanity, you can also organize and add notes to them on your My Favor-Its page.

How Many Favor-Its Can I Have?
However many your little heart desires. If there are six similar products and you love each of them for their own reasons, favor them all.


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