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Stay Away    
Written by Anonymous User (#1511-177)  (Friday, January 16, 2009)
Writer is with:
Listing Reviewed:   XcClassifed
Strengths:   Many Features  
Weaknesses:   Dead Slow,No Support  
Details:   The application has a lot of features, at first sight. But when you try to use it, you face the first major flaw: DEAD SLOW even on fast SQL server. So you can't really use it. No matter what you do. Then comes support. All the problems you report don't exist, they all are your imagination. Can't believe those guys. Stay AWAY from that software and that company. Outdated and OLD software with major design flows.
Review Based On:   36 Month(s) of usage  

Used to be ok, now they should be avoided    
Written by Anonymous User (#1305-96)  (Thursday, January 08, 2009)
Writer is with:
Listing Reviewed:   WinServe
Strengths:   Recently None  
Weaknesses:   Slow servers, a Lot of Downtime  
Details:   We started using Protec in 2004 as resellers for some of our business. They were good at the time, with our static websites. Responsive support also. BUT as soon as we started to use dynamic ASP and databases, we saw how slow the servers were (probably slow/old equipment and overloaded) and how unstable they were. Sometimes 20seconds to render an ASP page !!! They support knows the problems and apparently downplays them, replying in a highly snobish way (rude sometimes i could say). They CAN'T be reached on the phone and their servers are in US and not UK. Since there are plenty of choices, they should be avoided.
Review Based On:   50 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   It seems this client became problematic end of last year. We tried to work with the client many times to resolve his issues but didn’t get very far with him. His persistence to use outdated code and flat file data sources meant his application would never perform on an enterprise level like he wanted. Many times we advised him to utilise SQL server for his applications backend for enterprise performance. His account included SQL server at no additional cost. Not sure what else to say really. We do not have any performance issues with any other clients. So it was an isolated case based on this clients persistence of using unrecommended data source types and outdated code styles. If anyone is concerned about performance of their applications by all means try our £1 trial for a month. Or contact us and we would be happy to put your application on a test URL. You can then test it on our network at no charge before you make any decision to purchase hosting from us.



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