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List of All Reviews Written By William Scratch from USA:

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Written by William Scratch from USA   (Sunday, July 22, 2007)
Writer is with:
Listing Reviewed:   Web Wiz CAPTCHA
Strengths:   Full featured, lots of nice stuff  
Weaknesses:   An user agreement so hostile it would choke a horse  
Details:   This is a fully-featured forum. If you look at the source, you might find it has web beacons and the HTML it generates is sloppy, but WTH, most people produce fat code anyway. But what pulls me to a full halt about this forum software is the most hostile user agreement I've ever seen for a forum. In short, you have no rights, and any rights you do have can be changed by WebWiz, including revoking your right to use the forum. I had a large corporate client reject WebWiz because their attorney pointed out that the EULA allows WebWiz to shut down your forum at any time, even if you paid for a license. Now, they probably won't decide to shut you down forever, but can you take that chance? What killed it for me is when I read that even licensed users aren't allowed to make any changes at all to the forum software. Imagine having a security flaw in your code and not being allowed to correct it. The user name of the developer is The Borg, and discussion of the EULA on the support forum is forbidden by The Borg at the risk of being banned. You can read lots of other smelly surprises in the EULA, but let me tell you that despite the forum's tremendous technical advantages, it's too risky to invest your business in this online software.
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   It sounds like you are looking at the wrong license agreement. The paid license agreement doesn't have any of the restrictions you mention and actively promotes the modification of the code by the end user. It also doesn't have anything on shutting down forums.



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