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Running Away After 2+ Years    
Written by Anonymous User (#1348-145)  (Wednesday, May 14, 2008)
Writer is with:
Listing Reviewed:   HostBreak
Strengths:   Ejaz  
Weaknesses:   Server knowledge, server stability, customer support, phone support, customization options,  
Details:   First of all the post from Ejaz above is fake. He is an employee. I speak to him every single day because I need support for the endless issues I face with simple functionality that IIS servers offer. These things should work at the lowest level if a company claims to host Windows technology. Here is a list of some basic features that have failed miserably and have cost me endless hours of troubleshooting and the loss of a few clients: 1. ASP.NET pooling: Constantly becomes corrupt knocking out Front Page Server extensions and blocking access to ALL of my websites through Visual Studio. Their built in option to re-install the extensions never work and there is a constant need for people on "their side" to perform some fix. 2. Server Sessions: SQLServer and StateServer sessions do not work. They have no explanation for this and have ignored my trouble tickets for over 3 days. I have spoken to junior techs that have told me I need to speak with senior programmers, but they will not accept my calls because they are busy on other projects. These are the projects that people contract them for. So the customers that use them for years on end take a back seat to the "quickshot" money makers. 3. They claim 24/7 support: DO NOT BELIEVE THIS. There is no way to contact them by is a mailbox number. I even had an instance where my live chat was accepted and then no one answered for hours...only to find out the guy whose shift it was just signed in and walked away. Hahaha! What a joke. 4. Control Panels: Always going down. 5. There is no way to develop with Visual Studio unless the domain name has resolved and/or transferred over. Temporary names are not available to develop with. Their lack of server knowledge astounds me. I have signed up with another hosting provider after giving them 2+ years to clean their act up. They haven't. Believe me the last thing I want to do is transfer dozens of domains...but when it's over it's over.
Review Based On:   30 Month(s) of usage  



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