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List of All Reviews Written By chris c from dc:

excellent code, unmatched support    
Written by Anonymous User (#1389-154) from dc   (Friday, June 04, 2004)
Listing Reviewed:   Member Management by Expinion
Strengths:   price, features, stability,  
Weaknesses:   can only send text newsletters  
Details:   mms is an extremely complex database front end for very little money. because it is written in asp, i can brand the look and feel anyway i please. it has a number of cool features that are unique to mms in this price catagory, ie. automatic renewal notices, member grouping, member import/export, auto password retrevial. i cant speak for all of the tech support folks at expinion, but Vladimir bent over backwards to help me get the program up and running. rarely did it take more than ten minutes for him to respond to my emails. he installed and configured mms on my server and was always ready and cheerful to answer my stupid novice questions. if a small company like can deliver this kind of support, perhapse its time to demand better from billion dollar firms like microshaft.
Review Based On:   4 Day(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   Thanks! :) Version 3.5 - Released Apr.7.05, now allows HTML newsletters (write, send, or archive in HTML). All existing clients that bought version 3.0 may upgrade for free beginning here: *Proof of purchase required.*



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