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List of All Reviews Written By Tom Holder from Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK:

good but not as good as it would appear    
Written by Tom Holder from Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK   (Wednesday, January 21, 2004)
Writer is with:
Listing Reviewed:   SuperInvoice
Strengths:   Great looking, easy to install, good feature set  
Weaknesses:   Poor database design, very US orientated, strange lack of product support  
Details:   On the surface this application looks really great and for a lot of purposes it is - you just need to make sure you review it heavily first. The interface is brilliant and it's obvious the user has a talent for GUI design. However, when you get deeper in to it you'll find there are some potentially huge problems depending on how your business operates. For example there is no way to add products (for example a software license). You can have projects but they are client specific so you either have to add a project for each product/client or add it as free text each time. The other huge problem is that you might believe you can upsize this to SQL Server easily as you can with most Access database apps. Unfortunately this is not the case because the developer has implemented some very peculiar queries using Access specific functions that you will have a job converting. It could be done but I gave up after about 3 hours. Support I had was excellent and very prompt. In summary.... check out the online demo extensively before you commit to buying.
Review Based On:   2 Day(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   I corresponded with Tom to clarify some of his comments. With regards to 'Poor Database Design', Tom was referring to the use of built-in Access views (similar to a stored procedure) which makes the DB harder to port over to SQL server, not the actual DB structure. We used the views in order to provide the type of functionality needed for proper filtering, sorting and calculating invoices. With regards to being US oriented, we have several international customers (especially European based) who use the product without a problem; everything is built to use your server's locale which will format the currency and date/time automatically. With regards to 'strange lack of product support', Tom was referring to using SuperInvoice as an inventory management system to produce invoices for which it was not designed, not our actual product support which Tom was quite satisfied. Note that we will be releasing a SQL Server version in the coming months.



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