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Please Note: The following is a list of reviews that were posted anonymously from similar IP locations on the internet.   Many users typically share the same IP address through their local internet service provider, therefore these reviews may have been posted from various users.

Excellent test construction    
Written by Anonymous User (#1269-43) from St. Petersburg, FL, USA   (Friday, May 14, 2010)
Listing Reviewed:   ExpertRating
Strengths:   Quality, price  
Weaknesses:   All multiple choice  
Details:   I took a writing test and passed with a high score on the first try. The test would have been challenging to someone who did not study and prepare, which is why it is an effective test. I have studied test construction at the graduate level, and I was impressed. The exam was also a terrific value for the price. The only weakness I see is that the test did not include essays, which no doubt helps keep the price low. However, the multiple choice questions were very professionally constructed and a good measure of knowledge for this field. I am interested in finding out more about their courses, which is how I came upon this review site.
Review Based On:   using demo only  



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