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List of All Reviews Written By David J from LA, CA, USA:

using this for almost 3 years    
Written by Anonymous User (#1617-263) from LA, CA, USA   (Saturday, February 26, 2005)
Listing Reviewed:   ZBit ASP Chat
Strengths:   no refresh of pages or frames, no Java applets required, supports smileys and bad word filtering  
Weaknesses:   prev version wasn't mac-able  
Details:   This chat app has been a dream. I set it up on my members-only website and added Session variables to pass the member's nicknames (unique on my system) to auto-log-in my members. The earlier version I've been running doesn't support Mac verions of browsers for some reason, but I just noticed in the ZBit web site that the latest version now does. I did NOT want my users to have to install Java applet, and I couldn't tolerate screen refreshes every 5 seconds. This product totally works for me, and was cheap. I even got some help with the mods I put in. It is also professional-looking, not just another ugly frameset.
Review Based On:   32 Month(s) of usage  



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