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List of All Reviews Written By Craig Covey from South Carolina:

Features, Support, & Security    
Written by Anonymous User (#1570-313) from South Carolina   (Tuesday, July 15, 2008)
Listing Reviewed:   Snitz Forums 2000
Strengths:   Hundreds of Mods available, Support in Minutes  
Weaknesses:   No comprehensive on/off list of mods.  
Details:   There are over 200 mods available; some requiring no code changes, others requiring more experience. If you choose, you can install package deals with 100 mods built-in. Despite claims that it's not "skinnable" or that there's no support for hexadecimal color choices, Snitz has both. Everything that proponents of other systems claim they like about their choices, Snitz includes: "support for all major databases, including MySQL, MSSQL, and MS Access", "polling", "Code Tags for formatting", "private messages", "color themes", "user groups and permissions systems", "avatars, signatures, profile options", "strong security", and "moderation and administration facilities". How does support compare? Proponents of PHP systems admit "We cannot have custom icons, features cannot be turned on/off, nor added/subtracted without modifying software." "Administration is weak, but if you leave a message, it will sometimes be "answered in a few hours" - but not necessarily by anyone who knows what they're doing. "The development team at phpBB have not added many new features to 2.0.x since it was released. They've appeared only to fix bugs or security problems.." Snitz support (over 26,000 messages) is often provided in under an hour; with free advice (including free custom mods) given until every question and request is satisfied. Security concerns are given top priority and all patches are applied to the software so that new downloads are properly configured before new users get the files.
Review Based On:   84 Month(s) of usage  



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