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List of All Reviews Written By Doug G from Suffern:

Written by Anonymous User (#1474-138) from Suffern   (Thursday, January 20, 2005)
Listing Reviewed:   Snitz Forums 2000
Strengths:   simple to use, great community  
Weaknesses:   performance hog, looks ugly, not enough features  
Details:   Bad stuff: 1. A lot of features that you would expect to be built-in still need to be installed via "mods" such as Private Messages, Active Users, Avatars, Polls, etc. 2. The HTML output is unoptimized (lots of vbnewlines and empty spaces that don't really do anything but make the page bigger). From serving the HTML files alone, Snitz will eat up all your bandwidth. 3. As many others have pointed out, the source code is spaghetti. Looking at Snitz code is enough to scare you out of ASP forever. Snitz is poorly commented, and page layout and code are thrown together in one confusing mix. If you're just learning ASP then stay away from this one. 4. Looks really ugly. The design is copied off of the old UBB forums, and after so many years they still haven't redesigned it. You need to do a whole lot of tweaking to get this to look as good as "modern" forums like invision. Good stuff: 1. Installs right out of the box. Unzip, edit the config and you're good to go. 2. The community is second to none. Go there and ask help on anything, even not related to the forum or ASP, and they'll try to help you out. 3. They do their best to keep up with vulnerabilites. They update you via email whenever they find bugs and whatnot.
Review Based On:   18 Month(s) of usage  



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