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Limitations of ASP ProductCart    
Written by Anonymous User (#1353-151) from USA   (Saturday, May 14, 2011)
Listing Reviewed:   ProductCart
Strengths:   Good Customer Service  
Weaknesses:   Unintended but many disadvantages in the business model  
Details:   Early Impact customer service is great but ProductCart has limitations: 1. Still in ASP when the world is moving to a better code. It is hard to hard find ASP coders and whoever is left will charge you an arm and a leg. This cart is a feeding feast for programmers charging $90 to $100 per hour. 2. You need to know programming or be prepared to pay for customization. The out of the box features are very limited. 3. You will need to pay to redo your customization with each version upgrade. The upgrades will overwrite your customization. Again, it is a feeding frenzy for programmers to charge you at $100 per hour 4. The code is not W3C compliant. You can never put the compliance seal on the cart pages. 5. Content Management Systems (CMS) is the answer. They are not behind the curve. The front end and back end code are separated and you never have to lose customizations with their upgrades. 6. You can not do multiple front end stores with ONE ProductCart checkout. Early Impact charges per URL. CMS products will allow you to do multi-URL stores with one checkout. Trust me. If you want to bleed $100 per hour for each thing you want in ProductCart, you will have to pay for each. Out of the box product is insufficient. Know where the shopping cart are going. The Early Impact guys are good but they are behind the curve and do not forget - programmers are their sellers. Therefore they protect their market of $100 per hour by keeping the model the same.
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   We believe the review is incorrect and somewhat misleading. ProductCart provides a tremendous amount of features "out of the box" (please see:, and you certainly don't have to customize the software to launch and run a successful storefront. If you decide to change the way certain features work, you have the ability to do so, and you will need to hire a programmer, but that's true with any software application. As for the business model...: had we switched to a SaaS model years ago, we'd probably be drinking margaritas at the beach instead of writing this! And we may still do so at some point, since sipping margaritas sounds pretty good to all of us. For now, we keep focusing on developing good software for those that want full control on it (vs. subscribing to a SaaS application), and like receiving great customer service.



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