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Please Note: The following is a list of reviews that were posted anonymously from similar IP locations on the internet.   Many users typically share the same IP address through their local internet service provider, therefore these reviews may have been posted from various users.

I really couldn't understand it!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1779-364) from uk   (Tuesday, April 29, 2003)
Listing Reviewed:   News Poster Pro
Strengths:   it showed so much promise...  
Weaknesses:   it didn't work  
Details:   everything installed in nicely, but like the reviewer above said; I found that it had a bug when I went to "add a category". <br> Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a004c' <br> Path not found <br> /news/addcat.asp, line 142 <br> but the category was created anyway! <br> <br>anyway, I could not figure out where the news I have posted ended up. There was NO comprehensive instructions with the download. <br> I really would like to use this application; but until better instructions are included with the download, I'm afraid I can't!
Review Based On:   2 Hour(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   Sounds like your folder for storing your generated category pages was not mapped correctly. I am in the process of stream lining a lot of those issues and making it a lot more user friendly.



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