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List of All Reviews Written By gilles granger from Mauritius:

Until today: perfect. Now not professional at all    
Written by Anonymous User (#1655-127) from Mauritius   (Saturday, June 23, 2007)
Listing Reviewed:   DiscountASP.NET
Strengths:   So far, just great  
Weaknesses:   2 days outage : no communication  
Details:   Since 2 days, our site is down, no mail connection, and visitors are getting an error. Minimum would be to at least be able to post a message : 'our hoster is under attack, call again later'. Being down can happen, but not being able to communicate a mesage to visitors is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE.
Review Based On:   20 Month(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   DiscountASP.NET was under a massive ddOS attack for two days which took down our web and email system. We posted when we could in our forum, we emailed all our customers when we could, and we update an offsite emergency status page. We worked round the clock with our upstream provider's senior security team on thwarting the attack, future prevention measures and on identifying the attack source. This was a deliberate, malicious attack and was so massive in scale that our connection from the upstream provider was saturated. Most of the security experts we consulted with had never seen an attack this big. It's unfortunate that there are evil people out there that would initiate such an attack and take down so many innocent businesses and websites. This poster is 100% correct regarding improved communications. We had worked on communication improvements from prior situations - but this massive ddos attack was unforseen and does require reworking some of our communications strategies.



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