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Wonderful program    
Written by Anonymous User (#1495-214)  (Sunday, November 09, 2003)
Writer is with:
Listing Reviewed:   ZBit ASP Chat
Strengths:   Easy to use, clean, fast, fun  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   I was looking for a chat room to add to my diet forum, but after seeing the refresh rate of some of them.. I was discouraged. I asked a few friends, and they suggested ZBit. As soon as I used the demo, I was hooked! I received excellent customer service from ZBit, they modified the chat a little bit to suit my needs, and also intergrated it with my forum DB so that only members would be able to log on.. and would use the same password etc. My members have enjoyed it and it's been a wonderful addition to the forum! THANK YOU ZBIT FOR THE EXCELLENT WORK!
Review Based On:   3 Month(s) of usage  

Fantastic Forum - Professional Programmer!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1486-282)  (Saturday, August 09, 2003)
Writer is with:
Listing Reviewed:   Web Wiz Forums
Strengths:   easy to set up, modify, easy for members to use, looks great  
Weaknesses:   none found  
Details:   I was asked by friends to build a forum.. something I knew absolutely nothing about. I looked around at all the different forums, sampled some and found WebWiz to be the easiest for members to navigate through. I have never worked with ASP/HTML or even uploaded via FTP, but Bruce and everyone on his forum have been extremely helpful. My members love our forum, and our traffic has increased so much that I have had to upgrade my server 2 times already! The WebWiz forum is easy to work with, modify and personalize. Bruce has gone above and beyond many times for me and I find that exceptionally professional of him. I would recommend this forum to anyone! I would also recommend hosting your WebWiz forum on WebWizHost. I wanted a server who knew the ends and outs of my forum, and Bruce certainly does!
Review Based On:   3 Month(s) of usage  

Love this program!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1298-84)  (Friday, July 04, 2003)
Writer is with:
Listing Reviewed:   Image Gallery & Thumbnailer
Strengths:   Easy to work with, modify, end user friendly  
Weaknesses:   no unresolved weaknesses found  
Details:   I searched for days for an image gallery to add to my diet forum. I had specific needs like, being 'end user friendly' owner controlled, password protection per owner... and this program has every feature I was looking for. Simple, and easy to install even for me, (I am EXTREMELY new with all this stuff) My users are finding it easy to navigate and control their galleries, which is a HUGE plus to me to not have to teach every owner how to use their gallery. I customized the program to match the look of the other programs on my forum.. and it was very easy to do. I found Dave, the owner/programmer EXTREMELY helpful and very willing to spend some extra time with me getting some special features implemented. He was very nice to work with and I look forward to further dealings with him in the future. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for an easy to use gallery.
Review Based On:   8 Day(s) of usage  



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