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Fast and reliable web hosting plans starting $4.99/mo. Includes ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Over 15 commercial ASP components, SPAM/VIRUS scanning, MS SQL Server, SSL, control panel, 30-day money-back guarantee! Fast support by developers & technicians.

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These guys know their stuff    
Written by Anonymous User (#1576-223)  (Tuesday, January 10, 2012)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Up time, speed, support  
Weaknesses:   None I could think  
Details:   I was with HostNex before. Quickly I found they are one man "company". Very slow non professional support. Then I moved to HostBreak. Been hosting with them for over 2 years now. Whenever I needed assistance I could find someone around and willing to help me. They even go out of the way and help with thing which are not related to my account. Thumbs up for these guys.
Review Based On:   24 Month(s) of usage  

AVOID AT ALL COST! Lost my files and data!!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1522-283) from san marcos,tx   (Monday, March 08, 2010)
Strengths:   Cheap  
Weaknesses:   Corrupt data, Lost files, No redundancy, Not Reliable, Incompetent Administrators  
Details:   Do not use this company. They performed a "routine maintenance" and lost all my data I had worked on for a month! All my scripts and data in database was gone! Their only backup was over a month old! They also did not inform me there was a problem with servers. I only noticed it when I started seeing missing data. Their response was for ME to upload my most recent backup. This made me furious since THAT IS WHAT I PAY THEM TO DO!!! Unless you want to run the risk of loosing everything you have worked for a month, DO NOT USE HOST BREAK! BTW- support was not helpful at all. Here is how they responded to this issue: ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Dear Client: we really apologize for the problem you facing. we are doing our best. there is a routine sever maintainance chekup and it is a machine fault due to which all this happend. we will notify you about server maintanance in future. Best Regards. Sher Alam Khan System Administrator -------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Dear Client; Thank you for contacting HostBreeak Technical Support: Due some issue we have restore the restore server to old stage. If you have latests backup of your website upload that. We will also try out best to recover latests activities of your website. Appreciates your cooperation. Best Regards. Irfan Khan
Review Based On:   12 Month(s) of usage  

Running Away After 2+ Years    
Written by Anonymous User (#1348-145)  (Wednesday, May 14, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Ejaz  
Weaknesses:   Server knowledge, server stability, customer support, phone support, customization options,  
Details:   First of all the post from Ejaz above is fake. He is an employee. I speak to him every single day because I need support for the endless issues I face with simple functionality that IIS servers offer. These things should work at the lowest level if a company claims to host Windows technology. Here is a list of some basic features that have failed miserably and have cost me endless hours of troubleshooting and the loss of a few clients: 1. ASP.NET pooling: Constantly becomes corrupt knocking out Front Page Server extensions and blocking access to ALL of my websites through Visual Studio. Their built in option to re-install the extensions never work and there is a constant need for people on "their side" to perform some fix. 2. Server Sessions: SQLServer and StateServer sessions do not work. They have no explanation for this and have ignored my trouble tickets for over 3 days. I have spoken to junior techs that have told me I need to speak with senior programmers, but they will not accept my calls because they are busy on other projects. These are the projects that people contract them for. So the customers that use them for years on end take a back seat to the "quickshot" money makers. 3. They claim 24/7 support: DO NOT BELIEVE THIS. There is no way to contact them by is a mailbox number. I even had an instance where my live chat was accepted and then no one answered for hours...only to find out the guy whose shift it was just signed in and walked away. Hahaha! What a joke. 4. Control Panels: Always going down. 5. There is no way to develop with Visual Studio unless the domain name has resolved and/or transferred over. Temporary names are not available to develop with. Their lack of server knowledge astounds me. I have signed up with another hosting provider after giving them 2+ years to clean their act up. They haven't. Believe me the last thing I want to do is transfer dozens of domains...but when it's over it's over.
Review Based On:   30 Month(s) of usage  

Written by Anonymous User (#1674-295) from Milwaukee   (Friday, April 27, 2007)
Strengths:   nothing  
Weaknesses:   poor online support, terrible web and mail performance, slow correspondence  
Details:   I could not imagine a worse business nightmare than dealing with this company. Let me preface this by saying, I owned my own servers for 7 years and had almost ZERO down time. I switched to a reseller plan because I no longer had time to follow up with updates, hardware upgrades, etc. I just wanted to spend my time selling and developing. I did my research. I spoke to dozens of hosts and Hostbreak sounded good. They offered quite a bit for the price (on paper), they supported 2.0 and their web mail looked better than most (important to my clients). From the first week the problems started. It took MINUTES to open webmail for most clients. Hostbreak denied this problem for a week (costing me 3 clients) and then finally admitted that another site on my server was hogging the resources and had been kicked. Then over a four day period, the mail stopped working all together. Then the web services stopped working. I contacted their support at least 5 times a week for a month but I had already transferred dozens of domains to their servers. I spent 5x more time dealing with their support than I ever did with my own servers. I even had a support person type to me when all of my we sites were down, "oh my, I hope God is with us." THAT IS NOT A JOKE! I would need a book to explain all the problems I have had in addition to these already mentioned. Finally, when I told them that I wanted money response. In the end, this poor decision on my part cost me 1/3 of my clients and many thousands of dollars. It even took me three days to get my account cancelled when I was finally able to migrate all domains away from their servers. I have since taken up legal actions. Please, do yourself a favor and stay far away from this host.
Review Based On:   5 Month(s) of usage  

Hostbreak Design    
Written by Anonymous User (#1514-216) from Atlanta, GA   (Monday, October 30, 2006)
Strengths:   Design, Support  
Weaknesses:   Coding, Response, Contracts, PHP, Customer Service, Honor  
Details:   I contracted with Hostbreak to complete work on our web site, The design work was done impeccably, and it took some time, but ultimately, the PHP programming was done as well. The problem occurred when the demo copy was placed into production. Somehow, the problems that had been fixed during testing started occuring again. I contacted Hosbreak and I spoke to their sales dept. also. No one helped me. I called, and each time, I was told to call back later when design was working. I waited up until 3 a.m. to call them since their guys all work offshore, and each time, I was told to call back later. They completely lost my trust and damaged my own reputation in working with them. I am still trying to work with/contact hostbreak to get help in fixing their programmers and/or administrative error. I am not sure how this is going to work. I would not recommend that anyone in the U.S. do business with Hostbreak. I tried to contact their Florida office and I was unable to get in touch with anyone at all. The only people I can speak with are located in India. If you want a bad experience, this is the way to go. I regret having gone to Hostbreak now... Although I initally trusted this company to do the work.
Review Based On:   12 Month(s) of usage  

Poor technical knowledge    
Written by Denis D from Canada   (Tuesday, August 15, 2006)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   no comment  
Weaknesses:   Poor technical knowledge  
Details:   We are a reseller and they always take 24 hours to reply to us. Lately they change their email server and they did not upgrade their ASPmail component in the same time and all our customers saw their web site down for 9 days. They did not find the solution very rapidly.
Review Based On:   8 Month(s) of usage  

Written by Anonymous User (#1251-115) from NY   (Monday, March 13, 2006)
Strengths:   none  
Weaknesses:   Claim other people's work as their own  
Details:   Their portfolio consists almost entirely of other companies' work which they claim as theirs. With morals and ethics like that, avoid like the plague.
Review Based On:   using demo only  




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