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 i-Gallery  [Demo] Cost: FreeVersion 3.4/4.1
i-Gallery is a complete online photo gallery. Easy to navigate thumbnails with paging. Enlarged views offer print & email buttons. Secured backend features: create/delete folders, upload/delete images, add descriptions, move images, and much more... Code: ASP 3.0 & VBScript

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All in One Photo Gallery    
Written by Anonymous User (#1216-84) from ON, CANADA   (Saturday, June 11, 2005)
Strengths:   Features, Ease of Use and Price  
Weaknesses:   Still not using ASP.NET  
Details:   Took no time to install and make it working, stunning features for this tool.
Review Based On:   1 Day(s) of usage  

Excellent software.    
Written by Anonymous User (#1419-105) from England   (Wednesday, March 16, 2005)
Strengths:   easy to use, lots of features, cheap price for purchased version  
Weaknesses:   none  
Details:   This software is amazing and obviously has had a lot of work gone into. there are so many features in such a good asp script. i recommend this script
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  

igallery is fantastic, and easy to setyp    
Written by Anonymous User (#1621-276) from austin, texas   (Saturday, February 26, 2005)
Strengths:   ease of setup, simplicity  
Weaknesses:   n/a  
Details:   i installed igallery following their clear and simple instructions. runs perfectly right out of the box. you can't ask for anything more if you are looking for a simple photo gallery script!
Review Based On:   3 Day(s) of usage  

Great software...and still in development    
Written by Scott B from New York, NY   (Sunday, January 09, 2005)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Great looks, easy to use, well-built, thorough  
Weaknesses:   No private folders (permissions), still needs some general work  
Details:   I have been using this for almost a week and it has been fantastic. It is well built, but still needs some work. More customization options, private folders!!! and, well, a lot of customization can be done just be editing the code if you're comfortable. I wish new versions came out more often, but it is great and the developers are very responsive!
Review Based On:   6 Day(s) of usage  

Written by Kevin Cornwell from FL   (Thursday, January 06, 2005)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Simple and Detailed  
Weaknesses:   A bit slow  
Details:   When loading the main folder, it takes quite a bit of time. Not sure why. Would be nice to see a "fix ALL broken thumbnails" funtion.
Review Based On:   1 Hour(s) of usage  

Fantastic Gallery    
Written by Anonymous User (#1298-120) from Tampa, FL, USA   (Sunday, December 26, 2004)
Strengths:   easy to setup and use  
Weaknesses:   doesn't have ability to divide main gallery for different users  
Details:   Using gallery on four different personal sites (mine and friends) fantastic software would be perfect if it could have main family gallery divided into subgalleries for kids with permissions to keep everyone in their own subsection - otherwise incredible
Review Based On:   9 Month(s) of usage  

Great stuff    
Written by A Cee from London   (Thursday, November 18, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   stable, interface  
Weaknesses:   stats?  
Details:   This is a fantastic program and i have not found any problems with it at all...i'm sure it will be developed further and hopefully incorporate an upload component and stats as well - maybe a paid version. As far as this free version's fantastic!
Review Based On:   2 Month(s) of usage  

Simple, great site.    
Written by Anonymous User (#1379-154) from Spain   (Monday, December 06, 2004)
Strengths:   exlente code.  
Weaknesses:   none.  
Details:   I`ve been visiting this site and i found i-gallery and i was pretty pleased of the code.
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  

Simply Awesome    
Written by Anonymous User (#1551-267)  (Friday, November 12, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   multi-level admins, auto generates thumb nails. send to a friend, slide show and more  
Weaknesses:   Haven't found any  
Details:   This gallery is just superb. i can't believe how simple it was to set up on my server and once i got in i couldn't believe how easy it was to modify. IT works with multiple mail components, multiple image sizing components and more. This software simply does everything on it's own. It's highly customizeable to fit within just about any site. I have looked for months for the perfect gallery software expecting to pay bucks for it and when i finally found one that suited my EVERY NEED it was basically free. there's not enough good i can say about this gallery and nothing bad i can say about it at all. I'm still working on the look of it but so far so good. thanks for your hard work and making this available to everyone.
Review Based On:   3 Day(s) of usage  

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