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Favor-It can help you get your work done. Post your project today! For professional programmers, interpreters and graphic designers offer the ability to work independently and you can choose among hundreds of projects.

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getafreelancer is a SCAM    
Written by Anonymous User (#1579-263) from dayton, OH, USA   (Monday, December 31, 2007)
Strengths:   none  
Weaknesses:   fraud  
Details:   the site does not censure the fraud that takes place, and they will not return escrow money when there is a problem- shich defeats the whole purpose of the escrow, doesn't it? i got a deal with someone with great feedback to do a $300 website, but they want half up front and the other half in escrow. i comply. my project was labelled "urgent," and the deal was 7 days. well, it has been 26 days as of today, and communication is severed with the provider. i have been working for a week to try to get my money returned, but, not only will GAF NOT suspend the user for their criminal activity, but they will not return my escrow, which defeats the whole point of it in the first place! they got their percentage of both already, though, so they made their money! i cannot even leave poor feedback about the criminal, because, unless FULL payment is made, one cannot leave feedback! IT'S A SCAM!
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