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 Free ASP Upload  [Demo] Cost: FreeVersion 2.0
A fast, stream-based, full source, free script that handles huge files and makes it easy to add upload forms to your web site. No longer will you need a binary upload component, which, besides being expensive, requires special server permissions.

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No component required    
Written by Anonymous User (#1473-229) from Brazil   (Friday, November 18, 2011)
Strengths:   Easy to set, no component required  
Weaknesses:   none  
Details:   Fast, flexible, and free. This free script lets you create upload forms on your web site. You will be able to do it easily, without having to buy a binary component. This ASP does not require an ASP.NET server. Download files includes samples. To learn how to add the Free ASP Upload script to your web site, see the documentation page; the same page also provides an explanation on how the script works internally.
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  

Free ASP Upload Review    
Written by Anonymous User (#1679-276) from INDIA   (Sunday, October 30, 2011)
Strengths:   Very easy to implement, works with any IIS asp app.  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   Great free script to use on your site. Worked great for me first Time, Every Time!!! Five Stars for sure. Just put the class file "freeaspupload.asp" on your server. Change the path in the uploadtester.asp to a folder on your server with write permissions ( use "Server.Mappath()" if you don't know the excact path ) and you are good to go!!!
Review Based On:   1 Day(s) of usage  

Classic ASP upload script    
Written by Anonymous User (#1740-330) from Bucharest, Romania   (Tuesday, October 25, 2011)
Strengths:   File upload, Form elements, error checking  
Weaknesses:   doesn't check the max size limit on IIS  
Details:   It's a relief to find a free script that handles the file upload process. I have Windows 7, IIS 7.5. The write permission was done adding full rights to the IUSR user. I have spent less time on understanding the code than the time I've spent searching for the right script. It would be good that it do more error checking: like the max size limit of the IIS server. Overall this script is perfect for what I need. Thumbs up for the coder.
Review Based On:   6 Hour(s) of usage  

where is the upload bar    
Written by Anonymous User (#1791-320)  (Thursday, October 20, 2011)
Strengths:   it is fast script and have good information messages  
Weaknesses:   haven't upload bar  
Details:   if have an upload bar, it will be 5 stars... but thanks for your script. so i did not understand why did you put some textbox, checkbox and etc... but your script it is very good.
Review Based On:   using demo only  

Written by Anonymous User (#1630-174)  (Wednesday, October 19, 2011)
Strengths:   simple - works.  
Weaknesses:   multiple files at once  
Details:   there is a dark side of asp file uploaders..people want to charge for that! this one is simple and works...and is very good! I tried different ones, but some require you to install componens....nothing i want to do... and also, this one is plug and play....ready to use.... I'd like it to have multiple files at once... thank you!
Review Based On:   1 Hour(s) of usage  

Simply Awesome    
Written by Anonymous User (#1650-314) from Ashburn, Virginia   (Saturday, September 17, 2011)
Strengths:   Simple, Effective, No server installation needed!  
Weaknesses:   Ummm...none  
Details:   Implementing this script is so easy, it's almost unbelieveable. Very well done. A+++ Found and implemented in less that 30 minutes, including finding out how to set permissions on my shared hosting account. All you have to do is download the files, upload them to your server, and test. You will be given a warning if you don't have write permissions when you navigate to the test page. Correct, and BOOM, file upload. Take the sample code, hack out what you don't need, place in your page. Done.
Review Based On:   1 Hour(s) of usage  

Written by Anonymous User (#1420-87)  (Thursday, August 04, 2011)
Strengths:   Works  
Weaknesses:   N/A  
Details:   It worked straight-away on a shared hosting environment, no special setup and no hassle. Nothing much more to say other than that, and thank you. Writing this review to support the author of a free, awesome script.
Review Based On:   1 Hour(s) of usage  

Great Script    
Written by Anonymous User (#1496-176) from Singapore   (Wednesday, April 20, 2011)
Strengths:   Fast, Easy  
Weaknesses:   None  
Details:   Easy to use and fast to implement. Came with clear instructions on how to manipulate the files to achieve the required effect. Self sufficient in terms available functions and codings. Not much alterations are needed as well to get the wanted results. Definitely will recommend this to anyone who are still using classic asp and requires an upload function.
Review Based On:   using demo only  

Written by Anonymous User (#1506-144) from France   (Thursday, March 17, 2011)
Strengths:   all is good  
Weaknesses:   no probleme found  
Details:   it's really a nice product. Don't need any COM component, no limitation, it goes fast, with alls kind of parameters. Really very good et easy to use. Super petit produit. Pas besoin de DLL, on peut passer les paramètres, plusieurs fichiers possibles, pas de limitation. Rien à dire, c'est absolument nickel et hyper facile à utiliser.
Review Based On:   1 Hour(s) of usage  

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